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A Winter Story Through the Canvas — Amazing Grace soon on Steam!

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Shiravune strikes again. This time they announced a visual novel from Cabbage Soft: Amazing Grace -What color is your attribute?-. The game is releasing in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. You can get the game this April 26th, so make sure to wishlist it on Steam and get the patch to unlock all content on Johren.

The game released in Japan on November 30th (2018), featuring a Limited Edition with a Dakimakura and a Regular Edition. Later that year, the game received a Download Edition for PC on December 21st and a PS4 version via the PSN store on September 26th, 2019.

Last year on September 23th, Shiravune announced the translation project for this title.

Cabbage Soft is a visual novel producer that opened on 2016 and gained its popularity after the release of their popular kemonomimi title Amairo Chocolata—recently released in English by Denpasoft & Sekai Project under the title Amairo Chocolate.

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The Protagonist

“I am from Aurora, outside the town. Though, I don’t remember anything at all.

The only person who comes from outside of the town. He’s got retrograde amnesia and while he knows he came from elsewhere, he remembers nothing else about the exterior world.

Height: 153 cm
Three sizes: B75 (A Cup)/W60/H78

Are they saying that art is an explosion? I would like to shoot more explosive kissing scenes then.

A petite powerhouse who has been tearing through the school and town filming for a movie she’s making for the Christmas Culture Festival.

Height: 166 cm
Three sizes: B87 (C Cup)/W66/H88

Certainly, you should accept becoming a model for rough sketches. Naked, of course.

A tidy, ladylike senior who’s tall and slender. Her oil painting skill is unparalleled, although she almost exclusively paints landscapes.

Height: 161 cm
Three sizes: B91 (E Cup)/W63/H85

Senpai, why are you frowning like that?

A reserved junior who always seems to walk one step behind like an old-timey servant would. She may look like an innocuous girl, but inside she’s anything but.

Height: 159 cm
Three sizes: B81 (B Cup)/W62/H84

I wish my voice could spread its wings, so it can be soar beyond up to aurora.

Our protagonist’s classmate, destined to become one of his closest associates. She’s a vocal chameleon, skilled at mimicry and changing the tone of her voice.

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