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NYO-NIN-JIMA – My New Life in Charge of a Tropical Island releasing soon!

Today publisher Shiravune has announced the official release date for NYO-NIN-JIMA -My New Life in Charge of a Tropical Island-, a short kinetic nukige from Pako Pako Soft.

Just like all Shiravune releases, it will be available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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(all-ages release)
*A free patch will be available on soon after release on

NYO-NIN-JIMA originally released on 2022, it being one of the team’s most recent releases.

The game was directed by Torara, who has also worked on other translated titles such as Amanatsu and Master & Succubi Hentai Lessons.

Pako Pako Soft is a nukige-focused parent brand to Nexton. You may know Nexton from their English translation projects, both official and non-official: We Love Master! (Manga Gamer), MOON., and the original One ~To the Radiant Season~.

The Story

Meet the Islanders

Kowakame Maki

VA: Mugime Purin

Eldest daughter of the Kowakame family. Diligent, with a strong sense of responsibilty. Quite enthusiastic about taking care of the protagonist at Sensei’s request.

Despite her dislike of men as a result of growing up with a violent father, she has nothing but absolute trust in Sensei. While a little wary of Shoichi at first, she was relieved to find his personality resembled Sensei’s—though a bit more timid.

Though a romantic at heart, Maki had come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t in the cards for her. But perhaps as a result of this, she finds herself accepting all of Shoichi’s carnal desires without question once he reveals his attraction to her.

Kowakame Nanami

VA: Hoshizora Yume

Mother of two living on Otomehara island. Kind and maternal, if a little meek. While normally the mild-mannered mom, she also serves as the island’s mediator. Great at all manner of housework. Loves interacting with her beloved daughters.

Though due to her somewhat naive nature, she sometimes struggles to keep up with their conversations. Pressured into giving birth at a young age, she and her daughters ran away from her husband when he turned violent, and were taken into Sensei’s custody.

When she first arrived on the island, she was under the impression that she had to sleep with him in order to repay his kindness. But knowing Nanami’s fear of men, Sensei simply admonished her gently.

Kowakame Nono

VA: Haori

Youngest daughter of the Kowakame family. A little immature for her age, and shy as well.

Although grateful to Sensei for helping her family, she sees him more as a kindly grandfather than anything. Nono hides countless adult toys in her room, and her fantasies are spurred on even further when she spies the protagonist having sex with her mom and sister. As a result, she casually begins leading him into compromising situations with her.

She enjoys licking, bondage, and other abnormal fetishes. As a matter fact, she’s quite the masochist. Nevertheless, she is rather embarrassed about her kinks, and hides them from Maki and Nanami.

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