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Speaking to more Fan Translators (17/09/10)

Interviews today over IRC:
Phar (YU-NO @ TLWiki)
nimue (Hakuoki)
sabino, d_fallen_god (11eyes)
dummyacct7 (Pure Pure @ TLWiki)
d_fallen_god (general hacker)
yeah321 (Katahane @ TLWiki)

Maverynthia (Exorcism of Maria)
pondrthis (G-Senjou no Maou @ TLWiki)
Edgar (Canvas 2)

Other Updates:
Tried to go over some of the groups I could not contact. Also trying to speak to zalas…

Tomorrow’s Agenda:
Write more interview questions, especially Moogy’s and jp302’s. TakaJun won’t be back until the 21st according to SlashZero. Also I made the decision not to initiate contact with Witch Hunt. The rationale is that, I have never played an Umineko game and I cannot possibly know how to write the interview questions (In fact I will embarass myself). If you are an Umineko fan and you would be so kind to donate some of your time to help me write the questions, please contact me [email protected].

Thank you to all who have responded!


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