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Irotoridori Sekai and Comiket 80 roundup

The Summer Comiket in Japan is the world’s single largest event based around fan work. During this past week I have been eyeing some of the limited-run goods that are for sale at participating eroge booths.

I would absolutely love to get my hands on the Mashiro-iro Beach towel from Palette, Hareten demo and Hareten fan, Koiirosoramoyou’s tapestry, Kyou and Mio’s microfibre towel from Irotoridori Sekai, etc.

I was recently talking with Azuazu about Life-sized tapestries to decorate his room.

They are absolutely gorgeous. Basically the prettiest thing you can get for your room second only to expensive figures and dakimakuras. I found some on Getchu. They might be too big to ship back to your own country and don’t handle products wider than a certain length. So my only chance of hauling one of these back might be to visit Japan (probably in the coming months). Does Micchi have one of these? It would be mortal sin for him to not own a life-sized Sana.

So I have been playing Irotoridori no Sekai (いろとりどりのセカイ), the latest game from Favorite. The main writer is Not the person who wrote Hoshizora no Memoria. That is why I was expecting a Chara-ge with a meddling story. Instead, quite astoundingly the game has been receiving rave-reviews at EGS.

This game is quite possibly one of the single prettiest visual novels I have ever played in my life.

Currently I am at chapter 7, Kyou’s chapter, which is roughly half way through the game. According to reviews on EGS, the game becomes more enjoyable once you start to understand more of how the world works (the opening chapters are very slow paced). Personally, the characters that have kept my interest the most so far would be Shinku and Mio.

I’ve enjoyed Shinku’ for her Constant Presence, her witty rebuttals, her razor-like understanding of Yuuma, her concern over Yuuma’s well being and her deredere moments… times when she just wants to have a long chat. Shinku is pictured above sitting on Yuuma’s lap. I really hate how they cut his face off like that! I consider it one of the vices of being an eroge player who is NOT part of its original intended audience.

It would be nice if Yuuma could provide the same level of care for her in return but he basically treats her like Kuuki (i.e. 空気 air) because he is so used to having her around.

Mio is resident childhood friend (pictured above). Her interest and advances towards Yuuma are expressed subtly enough as to place her in the tsundere mold but from the player’s perspective they are apparent.

During the flashbacks in chapter 6, it is suggested that Mio (loli-form) is hiding some great secret from the main protagonist, some kind of ‘promise’ that they had exchanged that is only known to Mio. Yuuma cannot remember it.

The Mio chapter (chapter 6) was a nice relaxing chapter, but it did not reveal any more depth to her character, at least not any more than I had been drawn to assume she had. Therefore I was disappointed

Given Micchi’s response, I think Kyou might probably be the most popular heroine in the cast. She is cut-and-paste Sakuno but also exists as hikkikomori game/anime otaku and has a different voice actor.

“Anata ha Kyou no, Onii-chan?” (Are you Kyou’s Onii-san?)

Kyou is an adorable existence. As pictured above, beautifully drawn (as with any of the characters in this game). The character of Kyou can only be fully appreciated if you actually meet her in person, in the game. (she appears in chp5). I’ve provided some captured sound clips:

“Kyou’s self-introduction”
“Onii-chan. Kyou is hungry”

Apart from Irotoridori no Sekai, I’ve also foraged into Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide.

You play as the wonderfully girlish, crossdressed Ayume. Ayume’s sincerity towards her Ojou-sama in the beginning really won me away.

And this is Hanene, Ayume’s Ojou-sama. She is the only heroine that captures my interest. She is basically similar to Rito from Concerto Note. I was very annoyed over the fact that the game made me go through bunches and bunches of explanatory text when all I wanted was a reasonable conversation with Hanene so as to solidify their relationship (which is extremely strong). Worse of all, there is little side-kick brother who basically serves NO purpose except be there to annoy you, take up your time AND steal your harem.

That’s all for now. Enjoy


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