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Chunsoft announces US sound novel release []

This is actually pretty interesting. Pasted from

Yesterday, at casual game developer conference casual connect, video game developer and publisher Chunsoft (now known as Spike-Chunsoft after the merger in April), along with Agetec (their North American publishing partner), presented a lecture titled “Immersive Narrative Gameplay Experiences and Why the SoundNovel Series Works” in the “Indie Developers, Game Design and Storytelling” session. Chunsoft was the first to bring out “sound novel” games, which formed the basis of visual novel-style games today. The Night of Kamaitachi(かまいたちの夜 in Japanese), the second title released by Chunsoft in Japan for its SoundNovel series of games, is now being billed as their “first US Sound Novel release,” with potentially other games in the series to follow on both iOS and Android. From the description of the lecture, it appears that Chunsoft and Agetec are aiming this at the e-book audience. [source]

I’ve never played a 「The Night of Kamaitachi title but I believe it is one of the first to pioneer the Mystery/Murder/Suspense genre in VN space (also the ‘sound novel’ brand). Chunsoft are the people who made the likes of 999 and 428. They’re mostly unknown (?) to eroge gamers online but they are actually cousins of the bishoujo-ge/otome-ge genres. This is GOOD news! This should create a new audience for visual novels in the Kindle and iPad platforms… like… a small one.



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11 years ago

will be getting this

11 years ago

OH AWESOME. Kamaitachi no Yoru in English? Do want.

Portable? WIN.