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An Interesting Game Translation Tool from 2006-2010

bvi22 posted his Online Anime Game Translator in 2006. It seems to be a program that replaces the text in-game using AGTH’s texthook. Unfortunately the  program is not being updated anymore (last was back in April 2010?). bvi22 Last posted on in 2011. Quoting a commenter:

“This little app was ahead of it’s time when released. It’s like a agth/ith + aggregator all in one. What makes it so amazing is that it actually prevents the japanese text of appearing in the games and instead it shows up the translated text and does it by not using an overlay but directly replacing the text in-game like if the game was hacked? Also can grab information from getchu and supports user profiles which can be easily sharable.” []

Sounds too good to be true but if it works, then that’s pretty neat.


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11 years ago

I tried it and I had some trouble to make it work with a modern game. However I managed to install one of the old games that by default is present on the OAGT profile list and it worked like magic, the jap game on the game is really replaced by the translated text, it was truly amazing thing to see.