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Steins;Gate Translated Drama CDs (on youtube)

To those who enjoyed reading the visual novel or have seen the anime, Nitro X 5pb seem to have had a lot of fun adding to the stories.
There are short stories, fandiscs, dramas, manga and the info held within them all fit together strangely well, as if the backstage info is being carefully managed or some such.

The prologue of Steins;Gate – depicting the lab just before Okabe and Mayushi depart for the conference. [youtube]Anyways, if ye be wanting more out this group of awesome characters, subtitled drama CDs have been up on youtube for some time.

Drama CD α – a tale of our lovely assistant going emo, being molested by Feyris and realising that she’s a total daddycon. Meanwhile we get splattered with much more backstory.
Drama CD β – a story where Okabe despairs at his utter fail and turns into a normalfag. Mayuri’s heart is broken and she ends up under the umbrella of love with Rukakun. However Rukakun realises where her heart truly lies and leaves Mayuri all sad. Eventually she decides to trap herself in a timewarp forever for the chance to tell her past self to bitchslap Okabe.
Meanwhile – Daru such a wonderful father ;_;
Drama CD γ – a bizarro world story where the local Okabe was Kiritsugu. Dropped into the role of a cold blooded killer our hapless okabe proceeds to seduce the harem with his sad puppydog eyes.
Meanwhile Maiya I mean Moeka wants his babies.
And there is no tutturu.
If the serious stories are too grimdark, then you’ll enjoy the other dramas
July Comptiq Drama CD – Wherein Okabe has been an absolute slut, narrowly evades another vigorous rape by hot nurse Moeka and is utterly bedazzled by Kurisu.
“Save me Daru! Christina’s so SWEET I’m gonna die!”
October Comptiq Drama CD – Where Suzuha becomes a jealous maiden in love and hyper-genki girl Moeka can’t help but advise the troubled young woman.
Also. Enjoy MayushiiHanazawa Kana’s multiple tutturugasms.
November Comptiq Drama CD – The girls decide to torture the guys. Tis a cruel and unfair world.
Also. Enjoy Christina’s lovely screams and MISTER BRAUN’s delicious tears.
Cosplay Drama CD – Kurisu derped. Okabe makes her pay. With her body.
Ah stupid tsundere couples.
Now if only the short stories were translated ;_;

Taken from Hen_Ichi’s forum post. To get the game, go here: []


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Ren (@Renanimegod)
11 years ago

My favorite is CD alfa. The ending made me cry like a child does after throwing a fit. TT^TT

11 years ago

[…] Steins;Gate Translated Drama CDs (on youtube) […]

11 years ago

is there any way to get this now? it was taken down 🙁

Sad Truth
Sad Truth
Reply to  catbox
11 years ago

No, the person who posted it up has been inactive for a while after posting it.
Also I can’t remember if the subtitles were soft sub using youtubes encoder… That just makes matter worst…

And no one thought of backing this up.

Not so Sad Truth
Not so Sad Truth
Reply to  catbox
11 years ago

Any hopes is in this account… but the inactivity again is paining me.

Hope = Lost
Hope = Lost
Reply to  catbox
10 years ago

Excelt that now that account is down, and there is no third.