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2ch: 「So this is how you foreigners play our games?」

BBTED[1] 【画像ネタ】 外国人はこうやって日本のエロゲー(リトルバスターズ!)を遊んでいるのか・・・ :: Read: So this is how the foreigners play our Japanese Eroge…… (little busters)

I’ve translated some of the comments.

1. I’d go crazy.
2. lollll I pity them
4. Desperatism 2000
5. If a coined word appears they will be fine! (TL: western borrow-words or blend words)
6. Japanese is too difficult LOL
9. It says やっこ lololol
10. やっこ needs to be punished
11. It seems they have an English patch
16. If strange Japanese words appear like 蜜壺 or 肉壁, how would it be subbed?
17. Keep it up ILLUSION
19. How old is this pic
20. Isn’t this really old?
24. Sister Princess had 12 different ways to call older brother your older brother and all of that could be translated, so coined words should be fine?
27. This could be good for study?

id3R5[1]28. Don’t worry. They translate all the shouts into one of these: “Oh! Yes!   Whaa! Yes! Fuck!”
32. The evolution of mankind will go hand-in-hand with a war with porn
39. What’s the point of doing all this. Just learn Japanese!
40. If you just learn Japanese you would be able to play more smoothly lol
42. The foreigners are trying this hard to play our eroge! I am impressed
48. If I play Katawa Shoujo I can use this to learn more English
51. There seems to be a demand for a reverse Moe-tan for the foreigners
59. If human beings in a far away land are learning to play eroge, then anything will be possible including world peace.
80. Isn’t it a better idea for the eroge companies to sell overseas to make up for their losses here?



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11 years ago

Who the hell plays VNs with that terrible messy UI. Show them a screen of english LB.