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Cure Mate Club Getting Ported to the PS Vita–2,500yen digital release only

Dai Dai Inc doing a port of the 2010 game called Cure Mate Club [Official Site] onto the PS Vita, and the PS Vita ONLY! (wut). That’s gotta be some amazing level of optimism right there. I’ve never seen a VN get ported to the Vita and not to the PSP. Maybe because they are porting for the online store only, they don’t have the ability to offer tokuten so they went for the piracy-free Vita. Release date is March 14th, there’s no tokuten because this is a digital release. This game is also available on iOS for 2,500yen. Brief Description: Protagonist who is a trap attends school (all girls?) and joins a maid ‘club’. End description.


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