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Visual Arts 20 Years Memorial Book Comes Out 28th March (has info on Angel Beats game)

The Visual Art’s brand is best known as publisher for the Key label (Kanon, Clannad, Little Busters) but they are actually one of the biggest if not the biggest eroge publisher in existence. They are also based in Osaka and not Tokyo, although I am sure most of their studios are spread across those two regions. They are releasing a book called, ‘All About Visual Arts ~VA20 miracle~’ and they are selling it as the history-of-visual-arts-the-company, containing long interviews with Vava, Hinoue Itaru, Jun Maeda, etc. It’s also got interviews with Tanaka Romeo, Ryukishi07 & other excellent guests. Then an introduction to the various products that they have put out in the past. It even says it’s got the latest information on the Angel Beats Game so obviously fully confirming the game’s existence now (as if anyone doubts that anymore). That character on the left is Saya from Kisaragi Gold Star by Saga Planets.

You can buy the book here on Amazon [] or []. Not sure if Amazon does international shipping. I know Honto does.

According to, this is a list of all their studios: 13cm, Amedeo, B Works, Bonbee!, Catwalk, Concept, Craftwork, E.G.O., Flady, Frill, Garden, Giant Panda, Hadashi Shoujo, Harvest, Hayashigumi, Image Craft, Iris, Key, Kur-Mar-Ter, KuroCo, Kuuchuu Caricature, Lapis Lazuli,LimeLight, Mana, Moe., Ocelot, Otherwise, PlayM, Ram, Rio, Saga Planets, Sirius, Zero, riffraff, tone work’s. (some of these are defunct)


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11 years ago

Well, you forgot to mention Rewrite, Key most recent work.

11 years ago

Wow… is that Hinoe’s art its….. Amazing!!

11 years ago

Geh. Screw it juz take my money already

11 years ago

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11 years ago

[…] posted some photos of his Visual arts 20 years memorial book which I blogged about before. Apparently, 75~% of the book consists of images from Key games. There’s also lots of history of […]