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Ikusa Megami Zero Fan Translation Restart Looking For People [via Clephas]

Ikusa.Megami.Zero.full.265558  Clephas is looking for people (translators, editors, hackers) to restart the Ikusa Megami Zero translation, which was marked as dropped on the 6th of November. [See Original Thread]
He’s trying to contact the old group who were involved, although he’s prepared to start from scratch if need be.

Anyone interested? Please spread the word and, fingers crossed, hopefully he can get a team together. For a project like this, the hacker job will be the hardest to find.

“I don’t know how many people know the Ikusa Megami series in general, but those who do will probably remember this game as the best one ever produced by Eushully. The battle system is pretty straight rpg fare, though the visual aspects are kind of weird.

Before Kamidori, Eushully was known for combining excellent writing with playable, easy-to-use battle systems (well, they are still known for the latter), and Ikusa Megami Zero is the best of those. The Ikusa Megami setting is their longest-running setting and is a fascinating world where science has been soundly rejected in favor of magic, where demons and dragons roam, and where gods born of human faith are worshiped devotedly by legions of humans who inevitably seem to ‘misunderstand’ their gods’ intentions and desires.

Ikusa Megami Zero is the beginning of the story that ends in the earlier games Ikusa Megami and Ikusa Megami II and it tells the beginning of the journey for Serika, a young swordsman in service to the temple of the god of lightning. While I say ‘the beginning’ the actual story spans several thousand years and a pretty grand set of events that is fascinating to read.” – Clephas

Some Screenshots:
Eushully are the people who created Kamidori.


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11 years ago

I hope they get help and begin to translate it, I’ve been wanting to play more Eushully games since Kamidori ;A;

11 years ago

I have been semi-working on it by chance.

1/ There’s a chinese project on github; lookup “moelab”. The archive directory index is compressed with LZSS.
2/ I think the english hacker was VirusX
3/ You can apparently drop a 32-bit bitmap with extension BMP renamed to AGF (e.g. SO018.BMP => SO018.AGF) at game root and see the effect directly without repacking (same principle as in kamidori)
4/ I haven’t looked at repacking b/c I was mainly interested in having a translated ui.

11 years ago

Oh, and I forgot to say: I came on your blog b/c I wanted to mention age.exe runs fairly well in AppLocale+Locale Emulator (see thread at HF).
Well, AFAICT. Game though is spouting nonsense about my install being corrupt and asks for reinstall, but don’t have time to sort it out atm.

Reply to  mchubby
11 years ago

What’s up with me >_< It runs fairly well in Locale Emulator without swapping regional info / default Unicode lang; on the contrary AppLocale doesn't work too well (font prob?)

11 years ago

Where can I follow the progress of translation?

PS: Big thanks to the group that is translating this game.

11 years ago

hey clephas has been ultra busy because of RL lately
so it’s going to be a little bit longer before this gets started (he actually has no internet during his contract!)

11 years ago

Do you have any idea of the other VNs in this series have an english patch? I’m very interested in it.

11 years ago

dont think so

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