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Photos of Visual Art’s 20 Years Memorial Art Book [from Shcboomer]

Shcboomer posted some photos of his Visual arts 20 years memorial book which I blogged about before. Apparently, 75~% of the book consists of images from Key games. There’s also lots of history of VA and interviews with main staff. It looks like most of the artwork we’ve already seen before? ^ Click to Enlarge You should still be able to buy the book on amazon [] or honto [] and have it shipped internationally. Note: Amazon doesn’t support airmail. You have to use EMS (expensive).


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11 years ago

I want it ;A;

11 years ago

[…] did a scan of the page about angel beats (game) on the new Visual Art’s 20th Memorial Book. It’s an interview with Jun Maeda, more of a personal reflection and not really asking about […]

11 years ago

Who is the redhead in the first pic with Nagisa?