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In-Depth Visual Novel Hacking Tutorial by proger_xp (2010)

Someone linked me to this visual novel hacking tutorial by proger_xp. It’s quite old but I had not seen it before, so here it is:

proger_XP: “This guide is intended to give an all-round view of how reverse-engineering (RCE) is performed. It requires no knowledge learnt beforehand – maybe except for more or less common mechanics of how computer works and what WinAPI is. You don’t even have to be able to write assembly code – you’ll learn this and more things as you go through the pages.” []


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11 years ago

Yay, anything that helps more fan-translations get started is a good thing

11 years ago

Classic old guide but still good!

Reply to  mayu
11 years ago

Haha, it’s my guide that’s classic? Nice to know lol. I bet it can teach you all the stuff you need to do hacking these days as well.

11 years ago

Is proger available for questions for this? I keep running into issues while working through this QQ.