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Win a Copy of Konosora + Mini Artbook at

if my hhw lead image There is a draw for 5 lucky participants to win a copy of the game + mini-artbook at: []. You just have to enter your email address and pick Kazegaura. There don’t seem to be a way to identify if one user decides to use multiple emails to re-enter? Maybe it tracks IP address? ….I pick Kotori.

So enter away. and spread the word for everyone else to enter.
BKdcs56CQAAPUE9 ^ Hard copy. looks good~
It says rated Teen because it is.
Also I got to stop saying konosora and say, ‘If My Heart Had Wings’.
Just out of interest, the Japanese name is ‘この大空に、翼をひろげて’
which is Extend my wings in this sky.

Extend the little wings which fly in this sky highly, []


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11 years ago

I o; put in my email wish i win

11 years ago

No ero; no thank you

Reply to  Aer0gam3r
11 years ago

I definitely agree. Id better have crappy translations with with ero. Well …….been using machine translations for 2 years . what could go wrong?

Reply to  Aer0gam3r
11 years ago

wow john, I tried and well, I lost my eyes for like 2 weeks

11 years ago

I entered, would be hilarious if I actually won a copy.

11 years ago

I submited too >o<

11 years ago

Wow they took out all the sex scenes? I’m all for VNs getting Western releases, but I hate censorship.

11 years ago

“Rated T for Teens”
Ahahaha, my ero….

11 years ago

Well, why not? It says worldwide.

11 years ago

I entered. Even though I probably won’t play the game, I can always give the copy away to someone else.