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Hoshizora no Memoria Fandisc Translation Project – need TLs

MARE_FD_e02a Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Hearts starting up again by Steve. []

Because previously there was a project at which closed down (VNTLS said 23%, which was wrong I think). Then Secchan translated all of Asuho route (minus h-scenes) for his friend… and now they’ve managed to scavenge what was left off by the previous team. Total progress is roughly 10%. So they’re now looking for more translators.

The situation is as follows.
Mare After Story: prologue translated, ~200 lines from route, currently on hold till July
Yume After Story: prologue translated, currently stalled, original TL doing manga work
Asuho Short Story: ~90% translated by Secchan, – 1% edited
Remaining 4 Short Stories: untouched
estimated total progress is about 10%

The old team:
Oli: will resume in July for Mare, moving to Japan
TheDefend: currently doing manga TL, might come back later and resume Yume
Staircase assistant: will make patch once the scripts are done
3 QC

New additions:
Secchan: Asuho TL (promised to complete Asuho route later, will not work on other scripts)
Shcboomer: full editor – currently editing and inserting the lines from Seccan’s excel sheet
Steve: PR, communication, recruitment – currently giving work to other people (also contacting all parties involved in the translation and writing this topic but that might as well count as not doing anything xD)

Needed positions:
Full Translators – preferably to help resume the current progress on Mare and Yume routes (maybe help the current translators with TL and ask them to only do TLC until they have more time), the short stories can be done later.
Editor – only if the translation progress kicks in so there is something to edit.

If anyone interested, please reply in the thread, or email Steve at:

The reason why the project leader should not ideally be the main translator, is because main translators burn out or they get KO’d by real life. And then if the main TL drops, your project is fucked. No one sticks around to replace him/her. Clephas’ idea is that it is much better for the manager to not also be the translator so he can spend time to replace those that drop. It also takes a load off the TLers plate.


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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11 years ago

Hoshizora no Memoria was one of the first VN’s i’ve played, and its left a huge impression on me. I really got attached to the characters, it made me cry multiple times, which no game managed to do before. Also i just love Mare, she’s just so kawaii and i love her personality. I’ll have to replay HnM soon, heh.

———Anyway’s. Good Luck with the project.
I’m looking forward to it, as i havent played the Fandisc yet. (I dont want to play it with machine translations, unless there’s no alternatives ^^)

11 years ago

Hopefully this project can find its translators soon. I really enjoyed Hoshimemo, and I really want to read Yume’s After Story. This kind of situation makes me wish I knew some Japanese so I could help, but sadly, I don’t, so I can’t.

11 years ago

Hozhizora is the Very First VN I’ve played and what has compelled me to delve deeper in VNs. Im really happy you guys have taken the Liberty of Translating the fandisc. I pray for your success and Hope It’ll come out soon.. Cheers!

Yeah Way
11 years ago

If you need one, I’d be more than happy to help as an editor. I’ve some basic knowledge of Japanese and write and edit in English a lot; so, if you’re interested, let me know.

11 years ago

Hi, if you are interested in helping, please register on forums (we have our communications through private topics there) or email me on the mentioned address so we can discuss and send the scripts etc.

Thank you,

10 years ago

I just finished reading and I was very exited when i saw this and then I saw that the translation was dropped at 23% . The only reason I found this page is because i found a lot of pictures that weren’t in the first one, I’m very excited for when this translation is finished.

10 years ago

Anywhere to sign up for progress updates? <3
I never saw ~Eternal Heart~ when playing ~Wish upon a Shooting Star~. The routes for Yume & Mare didn't really put too much empathist on what happened later.

Looking forward to the translation.

10 years ago

Really loved the main but the mare and yume part was way to short.

Was delighted to find that the “sequel” is being translated


Muhammad rizsky
10 years ago

Thanks for trying sub this!!
this is the fandisc i want a most,
ganbatte nee

Matthew H
Matthew H
9 years ago

So i’ve recently gotten into reading visual novel’s, and i just started reading hoshizora no memoria recently. So I was just wondering if this project is still on going or not? I’m quite interested in reading eternal heart and would like to know the progress, I would appreciate it.

Matthew H
Matthew H
Reply to  Zakamutt
9 years ago

Thank you, its good to see the project still has a chance. This might be my favorite VN yet, no story has quite touched me so deeply, i hope they can translate eternal heart.