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Sweet Pool Boy’s Love VN is 100% translated! Editing hoping to finish by end of year

screen04 Sweet Pool the translation portion is 100% now!

Quoting from
Serin: “The patch hasn’t been released yet since the scripts are undergoing editing right now. The ETA of the patch is before the end of the year but it all depends on how fast the editing goes.” [quote]

Serin: “The game is already completely translated 🙂
But you could try going to the translation project site and ask if they need any help with the editing.” [quote]

The editing progress is located in the scripts section of these boards: [sweetpool.heavenforum] There’s no exact way to gauge progress but I counted a total of 99 scripts of which 41 have been edited (or marked ED) so far. In otherwords, editing is about 41% as of 24th July.

If you don’t know already, Sweet Pool is a Boy’s Love visual novel by Nitro+Chiral (same people as DRAMAtical Murder) and it’s regarded as one of their best games. Also It seems they can use more help so please message Serin and ask to be an editor if you are interested.

More Screenshots:
screen03 screen06 screen08 fuwanovel page: []


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10 years ago

Yeeessss!!! I have been waiting for this for so long now I’m so happy it’s finally close to being finished!!! 😀

10 years ago

This is going to be awesome!!!!

10 years ago

Ultra gaaaaay!

Reply to  Diabolical
10 years ago

Of Course. It’s a boy’s love game.

10 years ago

Totally looking forward to this!!~ XD

10 years ago

YES, YES. /YES/. I have been waiting so long! Keep up the good work~! :3

10 years ago


9 years ago

Waw~~ It’s so wonderful, thank you thank you thank you very to all the team who work on the VN <3 .
I have just a problem, I cant load my save game.. [ the VN need to close because the load has some problem ]
If anyone can tell me the solution to this problem, cause I cant finish the game with all walkthought in one day, worse in the evening.~~
Rangiku-PinkFlag is my fuwanovel forum ID 🙂 !