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Tsuyokiss Next from Candy Soft coming out in December – Same Scenario Writer

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Tsuyokiss Next from Candy Soft, scheduled for release 20th December 2013. Same setting, but a few years into the future. Written by the same person and drawn by the same artist.
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Some people liked the humour in this. I never really got into it but the 1st and 3rd game got highly praised on EGS (not the 2nd game).
2013-08-09 19_45_27-つよきすNEXT - 特報ムービー - YouTube 2013-08-09 19_45_56-つよきすNEXT - 特報ムービー - YouTube 2013-08-09 19_46_15-つよきすNEXT - 特報ムービー - YouTube 2013-08-09 19_46_30-つよきすNEXT - 特報ムービー - YouTube 2013-08-09 19_46_45-つよきすNEXT - 特報ムービー - YouTube 2013-08-09 19_47_13-つよきすNEXT - 特報ムービー - YouTube 2013-08-09 19_47_34-つよきすNEXT - 特報ムービー - YouTube


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10 years ago

Never heard about the first one ;_;

10 years ago

Tsuyokiss is basically a template moege series. Every game is pretty much the same as the last and generally uninteresting. There are like five of the games out. The only advantage of the series is that it is based in the same setting as Majikoi, though the writing isn’t as good and it isn’t as funny.