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Speed Round: Potential Higurashi Re-Translation, Two Patches Coming Out Soon, Guitar Tab, and more!

Hey everybody, Tay here.  It’s been a very busy few weeks.  We’ve missed a bunch of news, but here’s a few stories that we hope you’ll find interesting.




Higurashi When They Cry: Potential Re-translation

Following the news that MangaGamer’s Higurashi was successfully Greenlit on Steam, the company revealed that a potential retranslation of the game is possible.  In an interview with VNTLS, Kouryuu was quoted as saying,

“The potential sales a Steam release means has given us an opportunity to consider updating the translation. We’re currently looking at our schedule to see if such a vast revision is feasible, but it is something we would strongly like to do before this new release.”




Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji: Final QC In Progress!

According to the Kohaku Translations team’s blog, the project has entered the final QC phase and is approaching release.  Still no ETA, due to real-life constraints on team members, but we’re getting close!

VNDB: Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

Kohaku Translations: Website




 Monster Girl Quest – Part 3

 Rogue Translations has announced that the next patch for Monster Girl Quest, Part 3 will be released this Friday (October 4th).  On the blog post, they reported that roughly 61% of the game is translated.  A full breakdown is provided in that post.

VNDB: Monmusu Quest! Shuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~

Rogue Translations:  Blog




Reddit OELVN Announcement

A year ago, user  TonyTwoFingers put out a call for like-minded people to band together and make a visual novel.  Today, the group came forward with an announcement for an original OELVN entitled, “The Human Reignition Project”.  The group’s website offers a few more details,  and offers a submission system for qualified folks to join their team.  For interested parties:

“Notable members include reddit’s Artist_Apprentice on sprites and Lemma Soft Forums’ Badriel on backgrounds.”

Project Website: Announcement

Project Website: Apply to join their team



Last One: Attention Guitar-Playing Rewrite Fans!

Some awesome human being has put together a tab version of “CANOE”, the ending song of Rewrite.  Tab follows the song’s vocals.

Reddit: Announcement Get the tab here


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10 years ago

Yeaa cant wait for Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji 😀

10 years ago

Seems like a waste of time to retranslate Higurashi. Just like that retranslation of Cross Channel is completely redundat.

10 years ago

weren’t the PS2 higurashi games ported to the PC? ,I’d like to play that version instead…

Reply to  Luz
10 years ago

There are patches available to get PS2 sprites and background images for the PC version of Higurashi:

Reply to  Luz
10 years ago

There aren’t any patches with CG’s?