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Monobeno -pure smile- being ported to PS Vita

Today, we learned that Monobeno -pure smile- is being ported to the PS Vita. Monobeno -pure smile- is the official sequel to Monobeno and was released last year in November. Lose is the developer behind this game and is a subdivision of Flat, who will be releasing Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa (ひこうき雲の向こう側) near the end of this month. The company porting the game is Dramatic Create, which has already ported a few games to portable consoles in the past.

Although there isn’t an explicit release date, we are told that the game will be released sometime in the fall of this year. However, we do know that the PS Vita port of Monobeno -pure smile- will cost 6900JPY. Additional information can be found on Dramatic Create’s site.

Source: Dengeki Online


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10 years ago

A bit unrelated, but is Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse coming to PC? There is a preorder option at AmiAmi…?

Perry Como
10 years ago

A mysterious message coming from nowhere…