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Site Migration is Complete

I’m happy to announce that we’ve completed the full site migration without any major problems. I’d like to thank Nayleen for all of his brilliance and hard work – not only was the move smooth, but he has drastically improved and optimized the data underlying the three Fuwanovel sites. Collectively we raise a glass to you, Nay, for getting us here.

If you run into any troubles or glitches, be sure to post here and let us know what you’re experiencing. If you are confused about the recent site changes, please refer to this blog post: Overview of site changes.

All sites should now be forwarding to their “.net” counterparts. Please be sure to update your bookmarks accordingly. A post will be going up shortly about the front site redesign.

Front Site:
Fuwazette (News Blog):
VN Reviews Hub:



I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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9 years ago

Damn…I just found out that all the torrents are down now LOL. Horrible timing on my part. I haven’t visited this website in a few months due to the slow progression of new VNs available.

I guess the fight against piracy that Aereu failed 🙁

Remember Aaeru and the pro-piracy articles she posted? Yeah the new website owners didn’t migrate them and they are deleted now. One of these ones the older members of the website will probably remember:

Another one that she made and was quoted on on another website is here:

It’s a real shame that the new people have swept everything that Aaeru created under the rug. All the fighting Aaeru did to keep her website up was in vain. Guess the new guys didn’t really have the guts to keep things going, although I find it even worse that Aaeru suddenly disappeared and everybody is keeping quiet about it.

Reply to  Tay
9 years ago

Naw I’m not frusterated…I’m a bit sad more than anything. Well if you could at the very least link up a few “legal” websites to buy Japanese visual novels and supply English patches on the website rather than full visual novel downloads, that would be nice.

People are willing to pay SOME money, but they aren’t willing to pay hundreds of dollars to play older games just because they are out of print. I get the stance of anti-piracy and I know why people support it. If there were ways to get visual novels legally via digital downloads or something for older games (like MangaGamer does), then prices wouldn’t be so high (since there wouldn’t be a limited amount of copies available) and people would be more willing to pay for a game they actually like.

I have no issues with anti-piracy measures. Keep in mind though that some games would be otherwise unplayable due to out of print copies or user made translations if it wasn’t for torrents which is what seems to be happening ESPECIALLY when a company holds the rights to certain games that they have and aren’t doing anything with it (the Visual Novel AIR comes to mind with it’s C&D almost 10 years ago). People can’t rely on companies to localize niche titles and getting rid of piracy is basically leaving everything up to the companies who made the visual novels.

After reading your self-introduction, I doubt you’ll agree with me on that. Companies only do things if there is profits involved and Visual Novels generally don’t sell that well on the Western side of the world. Removing some torrents is cool especially if they are (finally) being localized like Clannad and World’s End. But all of the torrents…some people will never be able to play those older games because either the english patches have been lost or there are no longer any physical copies.

It’s no trouble at all. I’m a bit surprised at how all the torrents for EVERYTHING were suddenly removed though. Especially YU-NO. If that was in the name of anti-piracy…that was a bit of a low blow, especially to such a rare game with few physical copies that took years to translate. Where can I get English patches that are no longer available on the creator’s websites, let alone the actual Japanese copies of (very old) games?

It’d be interesting to know what sort of a tough place you were put in to take down all the torrents all at once and why Aaeru was all gung ho about pro-piracy and why you (seem) to support anti-piracy though. Although I don’t know if you’d be able to talk about any of it though.

Reply to  Kevin
9 years ago

Great point.
I (and a lot of other people that, like myself, loved this community of visual novel whole-heartly fans) back you up on that.

9 years ago

For me, Steam is the best way to reach japanese game, like hyperdimension neptunia and some other
But with this change, you can only give us information, but we can’t download or buy it so there’s no good point for me personally

9 years ago

Good luck with your website failing. It’s really a disappointment since a lot of visual novels would have never been published if it wasn’t for translation groups and piracy.