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Ballads at Midnight – Review | Dancing on Dark Mists

A NaNoRenO 2022 entry by Synstoria, Ballads at Midnight sings of a dark and romantic tale involving a sarcastic bard who was exiled to an abandoned castle and a bored vampire living in the said castle. Updated with its last ending and more voiced lines among other features, the full version of Ballads at Midnight was released as a free game for PC (Windows, macOS) on 15 July 2022. Besides, this otome Original English Language Visual Novel (OELVN) is also on Steam courtesy of publisher Abiding Bridge. In this 4 to 5-hour enchantingly woven fantasy fiction where unspeakable secrets and passionate love intertwine, what awaits you at the heart of the castle shrouded under the faint moonlight?

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A Hundred Ballads to Freedom

Ballads at Midnight opens with the protagonist, a young traveling bard, being led by Illuvian guards towards an old castle beyond the forest. Punished according to Illuvia’s laws, she is to be sacrificed to the Crown’s pet vampire. But who would willingly submit to such a fate when they have the means to possibly escape? Certainly not the witty bard who narrowly secured a deal with the castle’s only occupant, an intimidating vampire

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