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[Public Announcement] is launching Blog Activity again and this is the team going forward

Greetings, fellow Fuwanovel community. It has been a while…

Have you been enjoying Fuwanovel?

My name is Hata and you may have heard of me. Right now, I’m one of the more vocal members of the admin crew, which consists of five people. I also run community management and recruitment, social media, administrative tasks and I talk a lot. Generally, you could say that I don’t have a specialized role. Call me a thing-doer. Today, I’m here to inform you about the full situation with Fuwanovel’s revival and where we will go from here.

…Fuwanovel’s revival?

Whether you are an old-time member or a complete newbie, some of you might have noticed that the website complex Fuwanovel has once again become active — this time under a new team. After around six years of declining activity due to neglect, overmoderation and misdistribution of management rights, it is finally kicking again. You may have already noticed the people who wield a green name on the forums, those are the members of the German website While VN.Info has been operating as a German website, exclusively designed to provide German visual novel content to a German audience, Fuwanovel’s will be attached to that community on paper but operate mostly on its own. This does not mean, however, that it will be providing the exact same content or that they are run by the exact same team. In the following post, we will lay out how the blog is going to operate and who is part of the blog team at the time of writing. There will be lots of new faces, but also a couple old ones, so get excited!

The Blog is back!

Today, the 12th of October 2022, the Fuwanovel Blog will launch into activity again. In our team, there are more than a dozen of writers willing to contribute reviews, thinkpieces, translations, analysis content, industry analysis, interviews, and much more. As you may have noticed, Zakamutt and Hata (me) have already brought back the iconic weekly VNTS commentary and have been maintaining coverage since the revival began at the start of the month September. Bringing back this type of easily producible content made sure that the blog would launch its gears at least a little again. Now, after assembling our preliminary staff, we are finally ready to release articles. But who are the individuals doing this? I’m going to introduce them all:


Hata (Admin)

The German darkfiend of the visual novel community, but also its self-proclaimed savior. Fuwanovel’s current revival is mostly driven by him, but without everyone’s support, he would be nothing. In the past, he worked for JAST USA, Kikai Digital and some other places as QC. His lifeblood is in building visual novel communities and he co-runs Visual-Novel.Info with two others and Fuwanovel with four others. He will be working in every role and you will see him everywhere — for that is in his nature. He is also extremely social and hates gatekeeping more than anything.


Zakamutt (Admin & Discord Owner)

Zaka is a VN veteran with over 100 titles read — don’t tell anyone most of them are short — and a man of many talents, skilled in writing, editing, translation, and pretty good at computers too. God knew he’d be too powerful if he didn’t give him a laziness debuff. Learnt Japanese only to mostly finish EVNs, though some Japanese indie games do make it through. He likes to call this JOP enlightenment, but we have our doubts… Oh, and he’s a yuri fan. Let there be no doubt.


Sinned (Admin)

He is mostly reclusive and doesn’t show up much in public chats, but behind the scenes he’s keeping everything running as it should. He likes VNs from Key and Saga Planets (and is a huge Summer Pockets fanboy), but generally doesn’t write many reviews. Everything done on Fuwanovel is in a way steered by him. He is also one of the admins running since time immemorial.


Emi (Admin)

A swedish lady who took over Fuwanovel’s helm when ArchmageTay was nowhere to be found. She wanted to rebuild Fuwanovel for years, but only recently got the opportunity to fulfill this dream with the help of the VN.Info staff. She will be managing the backend of the blog as well as play a leading role in every major decision. She’s very secluded and can be very moe. She also loves VTubers and hopes to build a VTube discussion space on the forums.


Tyr (Admin)

Tyr is the second-in-command at and one of the most iconic veterans at Fuwanovel. Always equipped with meta-humor and a master of banter, he also provides a lot of great content for multiple websites. In the past, he nearly became a rocket scientist, but instead signed his life up for pursuing his passion of visual novels and eroge. When it comes to historical information about retro, PC-98, and eroge, no one can match him. He also holds panels at German conventions with the goal to teach people about the beauty of eroge.



Clephas Aurenius (Global Moderator & Blog writer)

Clephas is one of the oldest (still active) members on Fuwanovel. He has been providing content and reviews about everything he reads for years, even through the long drought that Fuwanovel suffered. Lately, he also started translating small blurbs of chuuni game content that are difficult to read. He could operate as a translation checker for fan projects, but instead he focuses on his job as a Global Moderator and blog contributor at Fuwanovel and writes his own books. He reads very intensively and writes his own books.

Plk_Lesiak (Global Moderator & Blog writer)

Plk_Lesiak has been a long-time contributor at Fuwanovel in many places. He is known for running the legacy blog EVNChronicles which exactly deals with what it says: English Visual Novels (EVNs). After a long medical hiatus, he started providing small blurbs of content for his own userblog on the Fuwanovel forums, but we could potentially see him rise as a writer again. The EVN industry will thank him!

Steam Curator


Charlotte Cavatica (Editor & Blog writer)

Charlotte brings impressive language skills in English to the table and will be functioning as both editor and writer. She writes creatively, has many interests and will be covering everything cool we throw her way. She likes horseback riding and is learning Japanese.

Fujoneko (Editor)

Fujo is from Portugal and will be operating as one of our editors. She’s worked on multiple translation projects into her native language and runs a portuguese book club on Discord, where they read visual novels. She’s not afraid of any content, having enjoyed such gorefests such as Maggot Baits. But also more soothing, dramatic experiences such as Minori’s games are nothing strange for her to play. She doesn’t find much confidence to write reviews, so she will edit for the time being.


Kuma (Editor)

Kuma is an editor for and will now use his editing skills at Fuwanovel. He went through professional education in translation, editing and communication and also works as an editor for Mimir Translations, a translation company he co-runs. He is interested in charage by companies like Smee and JRPGs and SRPGs of all kinds.


Shcboomer (Editor & Writer)

Shcboomer is a veteran Fuwanovel member and occasional writer for and editor of the blog in the past. He’ll contribute his editing chops, and maybe some pieces as well. He likes posting good food and good art on his Twitter.


Tech & Code

Happiness+ (Tech & Codemaster)

Happiness works as director of programming for Team Watercress and is a Fuwanovel veteran. They were the lead for A Field of Flowers and Stars (stop using Steam they hate VNs, use and the mobile port of Palinurus. After getting in contact again, they were very eager to handle tech work at Fuwanovel. If we get a new design or any other fancy blog quality-of-life features, then they will be made by Happiness+. They’re also working on rehauling the Fuwanovel recommendations quiz created by Bunny_Advocate and others.



Annie (Blog writer)

Annie Gallagher is an american trans-feminist blogger who runs GuardianAcorn, where she’s built an impressive list of pieces writing very detailed articles about video games, visual novels, politics and everything interesting to her. Her writing consists of reviews, deeply analytical pieces, video game music critique, poems, original fiction and more. She approaches things from a philosophical and introspective manner that is meant to touch upon things most people never tend to notice.

Guardian Acorn

Ayana (Blog writer)

Ayana, also known as Yuma Arclight, is from Australia and very interested in Animanga, visual novels, mystery fiction and writing. He writes officially for big YouTubers like TotallyNotMarc (example) and is more the analytical type. While he may not always get along the best with many fandom communities for his strong opinions and ideas, he will do his best to contribute to our blog. Some of his interests include shounen anime, Ace Attorney, video game history and more.


chasekilleen (Blog writer)

Chase is an Australian oddity, because he has such impressive Japanese skills that he can read the hardest things such as Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Soukou Akki Muramasa or even the esoteric Rail-Soft mareni works with ease. He will be writing about games most of our audience might have heard of, but won’t be able to ever read without much practice.


EndlessCatbox (Blog writer)

Catbox is a big KEY fan with an instagram account called nagisasdango. There they provide analytical and detailed instagram stories for the visual novels they play. They might be writing about KEY products here.


Hitagiismanga (Blog writer)

Another instagram creator with deeply analytical content. He engages in analyzing metanarratives and is a good writer. Hitagi is mostly interested in the big VNs like the When They Cry series and other plot-driven visual novels. He’s also one of the younger people in the team.


KuroKairin (Blog writer)

KuroKairin is from Singapore and writes for multiple places, including Fuwanovel. We first got her attention because she wrote for our friends at NookGaming. Her special field will be untranslated Chinese visual novels and anything else that tickles her fancy! She has a lot of interest in Otome, but not so much in BL.


MaiaMae (Blog writer)

MaiaMae, better known as that1denpachick or Maiagaru, is a sexologist in education and aims to write pieces investigating sexual topics and alternative relationship dynamics in her reviews. She herself is polyamorous, well-educated and experienced in this field. Her interests lie in sexology and porn studies, psych- socio-criminology. She enjoys the denpa genre, likes eroguro and investigates paraphilias. She runs a blog called Ouba Academy.


midz (Blog writer)

midz is a Japanese native bilingual speaker who researches technology, machine learning and AI. One of his research topics combines machine learning capabilities for text production and visual novels. He will write tech articles about his research and comparisons of visual novel reception between the western and Japanese fanbases.


Sketchkun (Blog writer)

If you hang around in the Yaoi/BL community you will be aware who Sketchkun is. He is a top BL artist and consumer who calls himself the Master of BL. You probably do not have to guess what his special field will be? He loves all things BL and plays these games in both Japanese and English.

Art Twitter

Swiftnissity (Blog writer)

You need someone else who is well-connected in the BL scene? Look no further than Swiftnissity. Swift, or Christopher deBono, has written content for sites like SpoilerTV. He has a cat called Percy.


Tee (Blog writer)

Have you played Needy Streamer Overdose before? Well, then you saw a digital version of Tee already. She is the newest member of the Fuwanovel Blog team at this time of writing and she loves denpa games like Subahibi, Saya no Uta and Totono.


Tokimime (Blog Writer)

A ginger fellow who explores the deepest depths of obscurity and promiscuity, unrelenting in his pursuit to consume the weird and now forgotten side of erotic games. He aims to write about the aforementioned eroge and also the lesser talked about side of erotic anime adaptations of said games. He’s a straight male with a knack for old technology, companies involved in animation production, directors and character designers, e-girls, swimming, gardening and a few other less important things.



Funnerific (Special contributor)

A very busy russian visual novel fan who spends his time translating things and thus cannot provide much content to the blog actively. However, he offered Fuwanovel to use the 65-ish reviews that he made on VNDB as repostable content. His favourite game is SORAHANE’s Haruka Kanata.

What’s going to happen next?

There are still a lot of things to do, countless things actually. The forum itself did not reach its potential critical mass yet. The website here is still a mess and will probably be rehauled completely, the writers have to prove themselves and show their skills, the social media accounts have to be used better, the facebook needs to be revived, the quiz needs to be rehauled… truly countless things running in parallel.

But at least, we can finally say that the blog is now producing content again, outside of weekly VNTS posts. Tonight, right after this post here is going to go online, our first new review will also be posted. It’s only a short one of an even shorter game, but someone has to break the ice, right?

Now there is only one last thing that we have to say.

Fuwanovel is back, guys!



Once a writer for German site VNinfo, now the guy running the show (we're trying to save him from Hell okay). His energy is infectious, his passions strong, and his attachment to Nanahira manifestly unhealthy. He likes Sayonara wo Oshiete, long walks on the Internet, and excels at koolaidmanning.

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