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AfterschoolTL Releases Fan Translation of Koiyasumi ~A Rainy Summer with my Childhood Friend~

On June 6th, fan translation group AfterschoolTL released one of its new projects: an English patch for RE:creation’s Koiyasumi ~Yuudachi ni Nureta Osananajimi~. It’s a short romance visual novel and the first part of the ongoing Koiyasumi series being released under this brand. The game first released in Japan on August 27th, 2021, but was later rereleased together with its sequel on April 28th, 2022. The English patch is only compatible with the latter version (available here) and the group implores players to refrain from trying to patch the original release. The patch only covers the first game.

According to Afterschool TL’s blog, Koiyasumi was meant to be a short fill-in project.


The protagonist, Izumo Hiroki, is a university student tired of living in the city. He returns home to the countryside during the summer holidays, but his parents have left, and only his grandmother remains.

Incidentally, Hiroki’s presence always seems to bring rain. The skies are overcast from the moment he gets off the train, in fact. He heads for his parents’ house as fast as he can and barely evades the evening showers. When he comes home, he encounters his soaking wet childhood friend, Inaba Usaki:

“Welcome home, Hiroki! We’ll be seeing each other again from today onwards!”

For one summer, the two are under one roof.

The companionship of a bright and lively childhood friend inspires affection in Hiroki’s heart. And the fondness turns into love…


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Just last year, AfterschoolTL tried to release a translation patch for HOOKSOFT’s Houkago Cinderella, but it was taken down; the publisher NekoNyan holds the rights to release the company’s titles in the West.


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