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The Divine Speaker: The Sun and the Moon released on June 8th

On June 8th, Two and a Half Studios announced the release for The Divine Speaker: The Sun and the Moon. This title is a prequel for its main title, The Divine Speaker, which was released on March 30th, 2022.
The release is available for Windows, MacOS and even Linux. You can buy a copy both on Steam and for just $12.99!

Follow the intertwining journeys of Lucius and Aemyl as they navigate their past and future, each grappling with the fate they have been dealt. Will they be able to find a happy future, or does only pain and suffering await them?

Lucius longs for a past that he cannot return to, while Aemyl is fixated on creating a future that may not come to pass. As their paths cross and their stories become intertwined, each must come to terms with the destiny that awaits them… or refuse to accept it.

In a game of the past and the future, the sun and the moon, who will come out on top?

Steam’s Product Page

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The developers have one more game in development, called Dreambound. It’s a tale of loss and love, the past and the future. Follow them on Twitter or joing their official Discord server for more updates!


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