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Lila Love Releases Full Version of Nuts: A Dark Romance Game

On the 30th of June 2023, the indie developer Lila Love and her team released the full version of Nuts: A Dark Romance Game on The game is completely free!

It’s a short, ambitious experience wherein the player picks one of four (+ two) suitors from The Woodland Forest Dating Show.

The game mentions some difficult topics, including implied cannibalism. On the page, one can find a detailed rundown of the game’s credits.


On a day like any other, a shift occurred! Woodland forest inhabitants have become sentient, and the traditional circle of life has been thrown off balance. Woodland animals (like owls and squirrels) and even nuts (hazelnuts, chestnuts, etc.) can think, walk, and talk! The government created a network of biospheres to observe these new sentient, intelligent lifeforms and better understand this phenomenon.

The story follows Hazel (re-nameable), a humble hazelnut. She’s a farmer who enjoys all things nature, but especially loves birdwatching, gardening, fishing, and organic local produce. As the main contestant on the Woodland Forest Dating Show, she can choose from four available, nutty suitors!

 Isn’t this all just… nuts?! description



  • Word Count: 30,000
  • Romance Options: four love interests and two secret love interests 👀
  • Endings: fifteen unique endings: friendship, romance, solo, bad
  • Voice Acting: all characters partially voiced in English
  • Illustrations: Seven unlockable CGs!
  • Music: a mix of original and Creative Commons tracks
  • Nuts endings guide


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1 year ago

Dear HataVNI,
Thank you very much for your support of Indie Otome Developers. I’m delighted you’ve got a whole page dedicated to Nuts – A Dark Romance Game. On behalf of the Nuts Game Dev team, we thank you.
Kind regards,