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Milcham: From the Ashes of Hearts—Chapters 0-1 Released on June 28th

Milcham: From the Ashes of Hearts is an indie development project by Ara Game Studio, under the leadership of Enajori Yui. On June 28th, a free demo containing the beginning of the game and the first chapter has been released on The full visual novel will contain a word count of 90.000 words, around 8~10h of playtime.

Born and raised as an orphan, sixteen-year-old Yuuna knew to dream of having real education is vain. Living day by day in a small beach town near Kurokuma kingdom’s capital; one of the biggest and richest Kingdoms in the continent of Eilusea; was hard enough let alone having the chance to go to school.  She is after all a Fuyona -the unwanted-, the lowest rank in social status in her country’s caste system.

One day, after a tragedy that almost killed her, suddenly a man came to her offering her a chance of a lifetime to attend the most prestigious magic and alchemy school in the kingdom. Little that she knew that she was sent into the eye of the upcoming storm that will change the whole structure of the kingdom itself. page description
  • 90k words count (will add more in the next episodes)
  • 10 CG (will add more in the next episodes)
  • 8 Side stories (will add more in the next episodes)
  • 3 possible endings:  True Ending, Good Ending, and Bad Ending
  • 6 romanceable male characters
  • 2 female best friends routes 

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