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Tsui no Sora’s Remake Announced to Get a Fan Translation

Today, on July 20th 2023, a group of fan translators announced the translation project for the famous eroge Tsui no Sora (Remake).

This announcement coincides with the End Sky Day, an apocalyptic event in the games Tsui no Sora, Tsui no Sora Remake and Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuerliches Dasein~. This latter title managed to get a localization by Frontwing in 2017, and since then became a popular work among fans.

Tsui no Sora (Remake) is — as the name already gives away — a remake of the original KeroQ‘s 1999 Tsui no Sora, one of the three big denpa titles. The other two are CRAFTWORK‘s Sayonara o Oshiete ~comment te dire adieu~ and DUKE‘s Jisatsu no Tame 101 no Houhou. Tsui no Sora (Remake) has extra content; however, it’s only available inside of Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ 10th Anniversary Special Edition, released on December 25th 2020.

Tsui no Sora (Remake) features the same basic storyline about the end of the world like the «Down the Rabbit Hole 2» chapter in Subahibi does, but explores it in less detail, while giving more spotlight to the character routes. Characters such as Yasuko, Kotomi, Zakuro or Ayana get much more character development instead of being entities to forward the plot. The script is about 150% bigger than the 1999 original. It was even described as a whole new work on its own.

There is some history behind translation projects for this game… There was an early attempt by r/visualnovels‘s owner GambsVNs to translate this version. Due to a slew of unfavourable comments by people who hadn’t been fond of his work (as well as his social media antics at the time) many have disavowed this project, causing him to drop the progress under the pretense of “English speakers not deserving this translation.” After that, it got stalled for many years until a new group under PhantomZero99 and Ribbiwawaa announced a new attempt.

You can find more information in the thread below:

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A remake of Tsui no Sora included in the 10th anniversary Subarashiki Hibi package, including a fully rewritten script that is 1.5 times the size of the original and a “whole new work of its own”.

VNDB description

There is no trailer for Tsui no Sora (Remake), unfortunately. However, there is the announcement video of the Anniversary Collection, uploaded three years ago.

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10 months ago

gambs is such a child. I think the reason he always has a superiority complex about speaking japanese is because he regrets spending so long learning so he tries to cope by acting like translated works lose 90 percent of the meaning. excited for the new translation