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Russian Indie Adult Game Broken Hearts Island released on Steam

On September 8th 2023, the russian indie game group Evil Boobs Cult released their latest game: Broken Hearts Island. This marks their 3rd indie game installment after
Sex with the Devil and Sex Chess. The game’s available on Steam in English and Russian.

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Broken Hearts Island, a visual novel in the fantasy genre, tells the story of the adventures of a young oceanologist on a mysterious island.

Christopher, an aspiring oceanographer, finds strange manuscript among the things he inherited from his grandfather. At the same time, he begins to hear a mysterious call that compels him to reach a remote place in the Atlantic Ocean.

Christopher will have to work hard to get off the island, which is avoided by ships and airplanes, to solve the mystery of his grandfather and destroy the curse hanging over his family. To get acquainted with the inhabitants of the island, not all of whom are friendly. To earn trust, to learn the island's history, to discover the truth. Sacrifice love and break the cycle. On the other hand, he can leave the curse to haunt his kin.

This erotic Visual Novel tells the story about a young oceanologist and its adventures on a strange and mysterious island. Fantasy stories with mystical creatues, romantic and sometimes fearsome moments wait to be discovered. Mysterious inhabitants and dangers are lurking in the shadows. Will you unravel their secrets or become their next prey?

This game features nudity, erotic poses, blood, bdsm, fighting and sex scenes.
If this sounds like your time of game, you should give it a try!

The price is about 1€ and the game has a very positive rating on Steam by its users.

Due to censoring restrictions, this game is unavailable in Germany and China.

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