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Cheeky Cupid Shenanigans! – ChaniMK releases Selfish Cupid on Steam & Itch

On the 21st of September 2023, ChaniMK, an indie developer specializing in Boys Love visual novels, released their newest game Selfish Cupid on Steam and Itch. In this game, you play as a cupid messing with fate and other people’s relationships. It is available for $4.99 (with the discount $4.49) on both platforms.

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Ten (Renamable MC) has the ability to see other people's soulmates after he was chosen to be the cupid's vessel. He is tasked to help bring couples together. But there is just one problem... Ten couldn't care less about other people's relationships. He only cares about his own love life.

One day, Ten finds out that his crush and rival are soulmates who are meant to be! What will he do? Be jealous or bring them together? Being the cupid's vessel, Ten can change the outcome of people's relationships. In order to pursue a love interest and date them, he must first prevent them from ending up with their soulmate. So what will he do?

Itchio Description

Renameable MC

Personality: Nonchalant, Self-Centered
Club: None
Soulmate Unknown

Love Interest 1

Personality: Kind, Polite
Club: Art
Soulmate: Kido

Love Interest 2

Personality: Reserved, Caring
Club: Track & Field
Soulmate: Luan

Love Interest 3

Personality: Cheeky, Flirtatious
Club: Drama
Soulmate: Unknown

Love Interest 4

Personality: Cheery, High-Spirited
Club: Photography
Soulmate: Unknown

Selfish Cupid features a length of 60.000 words at an estimated play time of 4 to 6 hours. Including 21 CGs and 5 endings, there’s a diverse set of personalities among the characters and gameplay elements involving stat raising and map movement gameplay.

  • Stat raising gameplay elements
  • Pick from 7 clubs to join
  • Go on dates with the love interests
  • Help your classmates as the cupid

You can get this game on Steam & Itch now. ChaniMK also has a host of earlier games you may give a whirl as well. You can find them bundled here.

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