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STEINS;GATE 15th anniversary website launched

On September 15th MAGES. Inc. launched a website celebrating the upcoming 15th anniversary of STEINS;GATE. The title initially released on October 15th 2009 for Xbox 360. With the 15th anniversary coming up on the Road to October 2024, the first announcement is a collaboration with Akihabara Radio Kaikan. The building is a central location in the story of STEINS;GATE and has been featured in collaborations before.

More events are certain to follow, with the previous 10th anniversary allowing for some educated speculation, but for now let’s focus on this first collaboration.

STEINS;GATE X Akihabara Radio Kaikan

This collaboration consists of several events taking place within Akihabara Radio Kaikan. Starting September 23rd, customers will receive a special sticker with every purchase over 1000 Yen. These stickers feature an illustration of the series, with a different illustration every week until October 20th.

Steins;Gate 15th anniversary stickers

In addition, qualified purchases between September 23rd and October 1st will enable customers to enter a lottery for a ticket to a special concert by Ito Kanako. The concert will take place October 15th on the roof of the building. Starting with ChäoS;HEAd she has been a constant as one of the main vocalists for the Science Adventure series. Her most recent contribution is GAME OVER, the main theme of ANONYMOUS;CODE.

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From October 13th to October 15th a special exhibition willl also await visitors of the building on the 10th floor. Dr. Nakabachi’s press conference room from the prologue of STEINS;GATE will be recreated and a detailed replica of the time machine, as well as artwork and illustrations, will be put on display.

STEINS;GATE 10th anniversary projects

Back in 2019, MAGES. held a similar celebration for STEINS;GATE‘s 10th anniversary, starting with the announcement of a live concert as well. While the events certainly won’t be identical, a quick recap may prove interesting.

Project #1Science Adventure live concert
Project #2“Operation Gullveig” stamp collection event
Project #3New merchandise at Comiket 96
Project #4Artwork ownership auction and lotteries
Project #5New merchandise at Comiket 97
Project #6Third party merchandise collaborations
Project #7ANONYMOUS;CODE event
Project #8Free releases of STEINS;GATE anime and manga
Project #9STEINS;GATE 0 Elite
Project #10STEINS;GATE live action series

The announcement of several new projects certainly is a development fans would be delighted to see repeated. However, as exciting as the announcement of new projects is, the Science Adventure series also isn’t a stranger to cancelling or abandoning them.

Unrealized Science Adventure projects

An entire article could be dedicated towards this topic, but to examine it within the context of the 15th anniversary celebration a list should prove sufficient.

STEINS;GATE: The Committee of Antimatter (LN)Cancelled a month before its planned release
STEINS;GATE live action movieFell apart over casting disagreements in 2011
OCCULTIC;NINE (LN) Volume 4mentioned in the afterword of Volume 3, no update since
OCCULTIC;NINE (VN) New Worldplanned to release in 2020, cancelled in 2022
STEINS;GATE 0 Elitefirst trailer shown in October 2020, no updates since
STEINS;GATE live action seriesno updates since announcement
STEINS;???announced in October 2020, only minor update since

While this list may initially seem disheartening, the 15th anniversary celebration also provides a perfect stage to reignite the light on these projects. Whatever the next announcement will be, this is certain to be an exciting year for STEINS;GATE fans.

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