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Aquapolis of Sins Manages to Make Kickstarter Goal on the Final Day

The indie development group Cascade of Leaves (LeafCascade) started a Kickstarter for their fourth visual novel Aquapolis of Sins on 29th of August 2023. Their Kickstarter project only sought to collect $4,200 to make its goal, but as the end of the campaign drew closer it became apparent they’d cut it kind of close. However, with just 8 hours left on the clock, Aquapolis of Sins still managed to hit its goal and got successfully funded. Congratulations!

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Cascade of Leaves is an indie studio led by Leaf, who’s filling multiple roles there. They write the scenario, compose the music and direct the game. So far, Cascade of Leaves has released three full titles: Anomie, Winter’s Symphonies and Cerulean Days. Cerulean Days recently has been published by NekoNyan, check our article here.

The character design for Aquapolis of Sins is done by Ixerxx with BG art by Shiki Hayate and Vui Huynh. The music composer is not only Leaf this time, but Monodrone as well.

Scenario/Project lead: Leaf
Character art & design: Ixerxx, Leaf
Backgrounds: Shiki, Vui Huynh
Movie: WhiteCharisma
Opening song: RUQOA
BGM: Monodrone, Leaf
Special thanks to: Sunako, Aquabyte, Gustav


Fifty people find themselves stuck in a man-made facility miles beneath the ocean surface, isolated from the rest of the world. With only pitch black water surrounding them, and no methods of contact with the surface, they're left to fend for themselves—against both each other and the unknown. To make matters worse, a haunting rumor spreads like wildfire: There are a select few who carry murderous intent within their hearts. Panic ensues, people scatter.

All the while these alarming circumstances develop, our detective protagonist, Renn, is met with a surprise reunion. After eight years, he finds himself face to face with his capable college partner, Sharon. To increase their chances of survival, they band together, facing their harrowing environment as one, combining his seasoned sleuth with her savvy reasoning.

Within this cursed aquapolis, people will be stripped to the core of their humanity, and their fates will be sealed. Sinful pasts will be brought to light, and the punishment will be just. The aquapolis of sins doesn't discriminate nor forgive. But it will, like a globule of air passing you by as it heads for the surface, faintly whisper in your ear as you drown:

You can't flee from your sins.

Kickstarter Description


Aquapolis of Sins Character Art - Renn

Despite his relatively young age, years of aimless wandering has left him jaded. Feeling sick of the status quo in his career on top of it all, he volunteers to be sent down for reconnaissance on behalf of his unit to the newly constructed Moonlit Plaza. His solution-focused mindset and investigative capabilities prove useful for survival. Deep below the ocean surface, he’ll discover more about himself than he ever could’ve imagined.

Renn’s old college partner. She’s always been interested in science and medicine, and earned her medical degree only a few years after the two went separate ways. Just like Renn, she finds herself being sent down to Moonlit Plaza for work-related reasons. She has a calm, reassuring demeanor that puts people around her at ease—a coveted trait in a doctor and even more so in dire situations. Despite her approachable presence, her intellect can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Aquapolis of Sins Character Art - Sharon
Aquapolis of Sins Character Art - Anna

A seemingly timid teenage girl. She doesn’t talk much, but observant individuals can tell there’s a strong will behind her facade. We don’t know why she was sent to Moonlit Plaza. In fact, we don’t know much about her at all. What’s her role in all this?


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