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The Definitive Version of the Doujin Classic? – Tsukihime Web Port released

French TYPE-MOON fans requinDr and loicfrance have released a port of the company’s debut Visual Novel Tsukihime you can play in your web browser. Fate/stay night has previously seen a similar release, but the goals of each project couldn’t be more different. While Fate/stay night‘s web version is intended as a tool to help players find and share their favorite scenes more efficiently, Tsukihime‘s web port aims to provide a modernized experience for the classic Visual Novel.

To appreciate just how much love and effort must have went into this release, let’s compare the web port and the original.

Title screen comparison

Tsukihime 4:3 title screen
Tsukihime web version title screen
tsuki 43 title screen
Tsukiweb title
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The most striking difference between the new title screen and the original is its updated visual design, reminiscent of Tsukihime – A piece of blue glass moon –. Whereas the original release greets you with a static image, the Tsukihime web port adds slick particle effects. Furthermore, many of the menu options moved to the title screen, making menu navigation more comfortable.

(Settings) menu comparison

Tsukihime 4:3 options menu
Web version config screen - game
Web version config screen - audio
Web version config screen - controls
Web version config screen - advanced
Tsukihime 4:3 right-click menu
Web version right-click menu
tsuki 43 option screen
tsukiweb game config
tsukiweb audio config
tsukiweb control list
tsukiweb advanced config
tsuki 43 right click menu
Tsukiweb rightklick menu
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The original release’s choice of options is incredibly bare-bones by today’s standard. Improving on this front is one of the stated goals of the Tsukihime web port – and the developers delivered. Fans will find the display, game and audio options they’re used to from modern releases. In addition the Tsukihime web port even throws in a soundtrack selection, H scene filters, and a save game export. The “Controls” menu screen shows the keybindings, which are not customizable.

The right-click menu also benefits from the visual overhaul and new features like a mute button, a fullscreen button and Quick save / Quick load.

Game screen comparison

4:3 gameplay screen
Tsukihime 16:9 patch gameplay screen
Web version gameplay image
tsuki 43 hospital
tsuki hd hospital
tsukiweb hospital
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The Tsukihime web port uses a new overlay and a different font than the original release. Background art is also upscaled to enable playing in a 16:9 aspect ratio. However, parts of the background image are cut off to achieve this without stretching. 4:3 aspect ratio can be selected in the options to keep the images intact.

A 16:9 patch for the original release of Tsukihime released earlier this year as well. The gallery includes a screenshot of this patch in action as well.

A guide for the game can be found on our forums.

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