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A Shinigami Beauty — Zarie: The Story of Sin out on Steam

A new indie developer called MOON USAGI released their first VN titled Zarie: The Story of Sin on September 30th with Japanese and English support. This visual novel features a white-haired shinigami (Death God) named Zarie who holds conversation with you at the end of your life. What kind of conclusion will your story take?

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Zarie: The Story of Sin is described as a VN with minimal text, backgrounds, and CGs. It features a scenario written by MOON USAGI and art drawn by Chomafu (ちょまふ). The VN features choices that affect the direction the dialogue takes and how Zarie responds. What kind of things can the protagonist learn in the journey towards his judgement in Hell?

MOON USAGI estimated the playtime to average 20 minutes at most. They asked readers to take the game in as leisurely as they can and enjoy the experience.

A story of sin and 'the girl'.

You find yourself in a world of monochrome, alone, until you meet Zarie, a girl with white hair, red eyes, and black clothes.
She tells you she is a deity of death, this is Hell, and that you are a sinner.
Guided by Zarie, you travel to meet Emma, Hell's Judgement, to be tried.
What awaits you at the end of this short, yet arduous journey?

  • A short visual novel with minimal text, backgrounds, and CG.
  • Dynamic story choices change how Zarie answers.
  • Enjoy the story’s four CGs in “CG Mode”.
  • Supports both Japanese and English playback.

Zarie: The Story of Sin is now available in English and Japanese on Steam for free. If you’re interested in MOON USAGI’s upcoming works, feel free to follow their Twitter account or their Japanese blog to see more related content.

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