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The Gamer Dream—Lewd Girls, Leave Me Alone! Available Now

Looking for spicy VNs? Lewd Girls, Leave Me Alone! I Just Want to Play Video Games and Watch Anime! – Hentai Edition released on October 1st. This is the first game from developer and producer Lewd Girls Studio.

The game is available in Russian, English, French, Turkish, and Chinese (simplified) text. However, there is no voice acting. It does feature a streamer-friendly mode that marks all 18+ content options so that you can enjoy the story with your viewers!

Originally an early access title launched in 2021, this game is a hybrid between a visual novel and a clicker game. Follow our otaku MC and see if he will succumb to the temptations of the five ladies, or if he can resist them all and be a true gamer.

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You want to get a girlfriend, but something always stands in your way. The moment you go on a date, you get notifications about the new episode of your favorite anime, or the release of a long-awaited game, or the unannounced stream of a VTuber. You know where your priorities lie so you need to ditch your date as quickly and as painlessly as possible or... give in to the temptation?


The game is now available on Steam. Have fun, gamers!

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Believer in the Oxford comma, Evangelion & FSN lover, Muv-Luv hater. I have an academic background in English language and literature as well as technical writing and editing. I mainly write and edit, but also have some proficiency in image editing and graphic design.

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