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Frontwing Releases Latest Konno Asta Visual Novel GINKA

Frontwing, a Japanese publishing company best known for releasing the Grisaia series, releases today their new visual novel, GINKA. You can get it on Steam.

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First announced back in September 2022, GINKA is the newest visual novel—at least that we know of—that Frontwing plans to release under their brand. The game has been marketed as a new collaboration between ATRI scenario writer Konno Asta (also known for Konosora and Amairo*Islenauts) and character designer Yusano, who was responsible for a variety of art on the aforementioned ATRI.

Other well-known figures, such as artist Watanabe Akio (known for both the Monogatari and Grisaia series, as well as The World God Only Knows) and composer Matsumoto Fuminori (contributor to Subahibi and Sakura no Uta) have also been listed as part of the visual novel’s staff. Additionally, Hasegawa Ikumi—voice actor for Milizé Vladilena from EIGHTY-SIX and Kita Ikuyo from Bocchi the Rock!—has been announced as the singer for GINKA‘s opening song and as the voice actor for the game’s main heroine.

As part of Frontwing’s efforts to expand their market overseas, they made GINKA available in Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese.


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Five years ago, Aoba Ryusei’s childhood friend, Shinomiya Ginka, disappeared without a trace on the night of the summer festival. The superstitious islanders believed this to be an act of God, saying that she was “spirited away.” Now in high school, Ryusei decides to visit the island over summer break. He needs to know: Did Ginka ever come back? Could she be living a normal high school life? Sadly, his faint hopes are crushed when he learns that Ginka was never seen again after that night. He dejectedly prepares to depart, but then he meets a young girl who looks exactly like his missing childhood friend. “Welcome back, Ryusei.” The girl doesn’t know her own name. All she knows is that she loves Ryusei. Where has she been? Why hasn’t she aged? Finally reunited with his long lost friend, Ryusei vows to have the best summer vacation ever on the tranquil little island of his childhood.

-Taken from Frontwing’s official website


Aoba Ryusei

“But then I met you, Ginka, and I realized that I could keep on living because of you.”

The main character. A normal boy who used to live on Himejima. Although he jokes around often, he’s prone to falling into dark and gloomy thoughts.

As a newcomer to the island, he initially had trouble fitting in at school, but his friendship with Ginka changed his life for the better. After she vanished, he moved back to the mainland.

When he is reunited with Ginka upon a visit to Himejima, he can finally have the summer vacation that he always wanted.

Ginka (CV: Ikumi Hasegawa)

“Welcome back, Ryusei.”

A mysterious girl who Ryusei meets when he comes back to the island. She looks exactly the same as the Shinomiya Ginka he once knew, who was spirited away five years ago. She hasn’t even aged.

Although she’s forgotten her own name, the shy, innocent girl remembers that she loves Ryusei, and wishes to marry him with all her heart.

Buy it now on Steam!

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