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Choice-driven Witchy RomCom!—Nochi Studios Releases Sweetcore Brews: anime otome sim

On the 17th of October 2023, the midwest USA-based indie development studio Nochi Studios released their fourth studio game, an otome game title named Sweetcore Brews. They describe the game as an “anime, choice-driven witchy visual novel where you bond and interact with two romance-able characters to unlock romantic scenario in the story“.

The game will contain important choices, mini-games and branching relationship routes. It will also feature a female romance option. The game is available for PC/Mac/Linux on Steam as well as Android and iOS. It costs $13.49.

Sweetcore Brews had been successfully kickstarted earlier this year and had surpassed its funding goal in a matter of days. It was fully funded by the 2nd of July and then could double its earnings throughout the month. It ended up boasting $20.140 with 600 backers in total. Nochi Studios might have managed to collect more via Ko-Fi memberships.

Additionally, there are virtual-in app currency bonuses available to backers of the Kickstarter which can be used in the mobile social fiction game app Dorian to unlock extra scenes that are exclusive to the service.

– $15 Basic Tea Set [Mobile] – 60 hearts or $8 in value, gets you ~3 bonus scenes free! –
– $40 Deluxe Tea Set – 100 hearts or $14 in value, gets you ~ 4-5 bonus scenes free!
– $100 Premium & $200 VIP Tea Set – 250 hearts or $35 in value, gets you all launch content free and enough for additional episodes!

Additionally, mobile backers will have the following perks on Dorian’s platform: – Early access to Sweetcore Brews episodes on Dorian before it launches and opportunity to share feedback – backers can impact how the series shakes out before it releases – Invite to exclusive stream events with the Nochi team Nochi Studios x Dorian Partnership Announcement


Millennium “Milly” Blythe is the bewitching new girl in town working hard at her new apprenticeship at Sweetcore Brews, a bustling tea shop managed by a shopkeeper who chats by cauldron, and where all teas aren’t just made with love… but with magic.

As Milly seizes her chance to make her mark in the art of teacrafting, her aspirations lure her to serve more than just a cupful of happiness to her customers, as she manages to capture the attention of popular idol astrologer Zero, who knows a thing or two about serving fantasies and is set on giving Milly hers, as well as Raine Kingsley, a prestigious cursebreaker who never fails to stir more than just Milly’s antics. 

With the cauldrons bubbling and the customers lining up, it’s truly up to Milly to brew her way towards her dreams while stirring up plenty of romance along the way.

Discover a captivating world of magic and romance! Immerse yourself in a witchy otome game where your choices determine your romance with your magical love interests.

◆ Choose your love interest: From a cast of charming characters, each with their own unique personality and storyline. Will you find true love on your journey?

◆Stunning artwork: Fall in love with the gorgeous art style that brings the world of Sweetcore Brews to life.

■ Game Experience

Sweetcore Brews is a choice-driven, witchy rom-com simulation where you can bond and interact with magical characters to unlock mini-games and romantic scenarios in the story! Choose your relationship with two love interests (GxB or GxG).

Steam Page



Sweetcore Brews has an experimental AR (Augmented Reality) feature where you can actually enjoy the guys a bit closer to real life than having them trapped in their video game shell. Check out the video on the Kickstarter page to see how it works:

  • Play match-3 minigames
  • Many unlockable CGs
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Play a text-based minigame to help customers with their problems
  • More than 28 hours of gameplay
  • 72 chapters worth of content


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