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Higurashi When They Cry Hou + comes over to the West!

MangaGamer has officially decided to release the latest entry of the Higurashi series!
Higurashi When They Cry Hou+ is set to release on Steam and the official MangaGamer website on November 9th.

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The Opening of Hou+

The original release of Hou came out in 2014 with 3 side stories; however, Hou+ came out in 2022 and includes a somewhat new short story that wasn’t in the original release; for those familiar with Higurashi Gou, they’ll recognize that it was a part of the 5th Blu-Ray set for the anime. However, this version of the story is in a more traditional visual novel format.

The four side stories are Outbreak, Kamikashimashi, Hinamizawa Bus Stop, and Mehagashi.

  • Outbreak is a scenario that involves Hinamizawa being placed under lockdown which eventually leads the town towards the path of fighting one another for waning supplies. During the process of this, the club members try to escape and they get more than they bargained for.
  • Kamikashimashi takes place after the events of Outbreak and concludes it.
  • Hinamizawa Bus Stop is an interesting case in the sense that it’s the original Higurashi When They Cry in one of its earliest forms. The original story was written in the year 2000 pre-dating the original release of Onikakushi Hen by about 2 years. The story focuses on both Mion and Rika who hang out at a bus stop talking about the curse of Oyashiro-sama. If you want to see how an early version of the story you fell in love with looked like, this is a great opportunity to see how Ryukishi’s style changed between the release of this and the official story.
  • Mehagashi is another joke scenario, which has been commonplace since the release of Higurashi Rei. Without spoiling much, the story involves Keiichi, crossdressing, swimsuits, and a desire to save the universe!

If you want to get further updates on this release, keep your eyes peeled for future announcements made by MangaGamer on Twitter, Facebook, and their official Discord. They also have an official store page for Higurashi Hou+ on Steam and MangaGamer if you want to buy the games early. The current price on the MangaGamer website is $7.15 (discounted from $7.95).

If you want to play this game, I would highly recommend playing the original release of Higurashi since some elements of the story may be confusing to those who haven’t finished the Answer Arcs. The game will be playable on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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The relentless cycle of tragedy surrounding Hinamizawa and the club members has finally ended. Peace has returned to the village as it welcomes June 1983. Yet there are other fragments, other memories, other worlds that still lie unexplored. Do you, the challenger who has seen and conquered the tragic past of Hinamizawa, have the heart and fortitude to peer into these tales that previously lay undisturbed? Tread lightly, and remember to savor your time with the club members of Hinamizawa.

Manga Gamer


Keiichi and the others face a brand new tragedy. The mysterious virus
and the panic it creates are such laughable sights.

Kamikashimashi Chapter

The tragedy spreads to Okonomiya, with no end in sight.
Who is behind all of this, and for what purpose?
Can it be stopped?
The tale of Higurashi Outbreak concludes here.

Hinamizawa Bus Stop

Welcome to Hinamizawa.
This is a slightly unusual fragment.
The original fragment which would eventually grow into Higurashi When
They Cry.

Mehagashi Chapter (Hou+ Additional Scenario)

Tragedy that could destroy not only all of humanity, but the galaxy
itself draws near…
Keiichi Maebara! Strip the girls of their swimsuits to defend the
universe! However, can Keiichi possibly win against the club members all
by himself…?

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