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Siblings and Slaughter! — Now in Early Access!

Content Warning:
The following game contains mature content, such as strong language,
violence and gore, and suggestive themes.

This October’s Friday the 13th, indie developer Nemlei released their spooky visual novel The Coffin of Andy and Leyley into Early Access on Steam for $9.99.

The first chapter is available for free as a demo and chapter two is included in current release, with plans to release chapter three in 2024.

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The developer, Nemlei, has a rather mysterious presence online. They have no social media accounts to speak of, so little is known about them aside from what they announce about their games. In the past, they’ve released a handful of short visual novels on Itchio for free, such as Jack-In-A-Castle, Divilethion, and Candy Scabs. The Coffin of Andy and Leyley is their first commercial release.


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The Coffin of Andy and Leyley is a walk-n-talk adventure game with some puzzles and interactive choices. You’ll start the game trapped inside your apartment as part of quarantine procedures, but when food runs out, desperate times will call for extremely desperate measures…

Cannibalism and codependency!

Caught in an extremely toxic sibling relationship, our awful heroes must survive starvation, as well as each other. How will you escape death and the consequences of your actions?



Play as Andrew and Ashley Graves, aka Andy and Leyley.

Andrew is the older brother. He’s often getting pushed around by his sister.

Ashley is the younger sister. She’s got a black soul and is a master of manipulation.


  • Explore a bleak world.
  • Solve some light puzzles.
  • Play as two characters.
  • Make choices that change the course of the story.
  • Kill some people for food (and fun?).
  • Discover multiple endings.

The game is currently only available for purchase on Steam for $9.99. The price will increase as more content gets added to the game, so if you’d like to explore the misadventures of Andy and Leyley, now’s the best time to do so!


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