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Review: Shackles of Ellswyn — Isekaied Into a FutaDom World!

Disclaimer: Fuwanovel was provided a free key for this game by TwoHotMILFs and the author livestreamed her playthrough. However, the thoughts here are 100% her own and she was not compensated to write this article.

Content Warnings:
This game features kinks such as futanari, femdom, nonconsensual scenarios, feminization/transformation, and a loooot of butt stuff. If these aren’t your thing, here’s your warning!

I’ve played a lot of games involving futanari and femdom in my time, and I recently got the chance to check out the early access version of Shackles of Ellswyn. This is an upcoming adult visual novel created by TwoHotMILFs Studio. The team is composed of well-known femdom artist Cubze and Ellie as the lead writer. I was given the September 2023 release from Steam which has about 1-2 hours of content, but there’s still got a lot to look at, so let’s jump right on in!

The story begins with you and your classmate finding themselves suddenly isekai’ed into a new world after an attempt to ask out your smokin’ hot professor goes horribly wrong. You’ve now landed in the world of Ellswyn, where men have been entirely wiped out after a war. Ellswyn’s society is composed entirely of women and futanari, with the latter ruling over the masses.

However, a new futanari can only be born through the union of the futanari queen with a male turned into a female. So men from other worlds, like yourself and your classmate, are kidnapped to be transformed and used as breeding stock. Accepting this magical transformation turns your body from puny male to voluptuous female, while your mind becomes entirely focused on serving your mistresses in whichever way they see fit.

The current build features three routes (still in development), each based on one of the three main characters: the Warrior (Silver Jane), the Witch (Alicia), and the Queen (Orea). Choosing between them is fairly easy, with each choice color-coded to a specific character. There is also some unexpected variance, as I noticed some differences in dialogue depending on which choices I made and in what order during my playthrough. For example, some options made my character more willingly obedient, while others made him more reluctant within the same route.

The first futanari you meet is Silver Jane, a bounty hunter. If you’re a fan of muscled up women with a primal need to plow you into the dirt, she’ll be your gal. When you first meet her, she’ll end up capturing you and either taking you away to be seen by the Queen, or she’ll take you herself to become her “pet.” Her route is currently the shortest and most straightforward, as it features some of the lewd acts that will become part of your new daily routine with her. She’s less refined than the dominatrix style of the Queen and the Witch, so this is a fun route if you’re into more rough and tumble femdom.

Next up is the Witch, Alicia. Her magical abilities have given her the power to alter bodies, especially those of the male slaves that are brought to her. She’ll show you just how cute you could look as a girl, and she’ll even present you with a magical chastity cage to help with your transformation. She has a fun personality and is a bit softer than the other two. She seems to legitimately want to help you become the “best version of yourselves,” which makes the feminization aspects of her route fun to watch. As a bonus, popular adult cosplayer Bishoujo Mom cosplayed as her, and you can find some of her photos within the game if you know the right passcode!

The third and last of the featured characters is the Queen herself, Orea. She’s elegant, powerful, and very strict. She puts you into a very restrictive chastity cage from the get-go and forces you into showing devotion in all of the ways you would expect a futa to desire… She’s one of the most developed characters so far, with a short section where you get to learn more about who she was before becoming Queen, how the kingdom functions, and so on. She’ll also be the one responsible for impregnating you if the transformation is completed, so I look forward to seeing how the pregnancy aspect factors into her route as it develops.

The character art and CGS in the game were created by Cubze, Execute Phase, and Miggytheo. Character portraits and some of the CG art is done by Cubze, and their attention to detail is wonderful. Latex thigh highs have a beautiful sheen, sweat glistens on tanned bodies, and… well, the tits and ass are great. Some of the other CGs were done by Execute Phase, and admittedly, on my first playthrough I didn’t notice the art shift. Although the two certainly have their own distinct artistic flairs, Execute Phase did well at adapting the character designs and it still fits the overall look of Shackles of Ellswyn.

There’s also a reverse POV scene that I really loved, since that’s something you don’t see too often! Miggytheo currently has a done a limited selection of CGs, and those were the ones that stuck out the most to me. The lineart is a bit thicker and the overall look felt more “cartoony.” Although not bad art by any means, the sudden shift may be a little jarring for some. I also have to mention the character designs themselves. I absolutely adored the outfit design in this game. Each femdom looks unique, so there’s a little something here for everyone. Well, as long as you like being dominated by futas. And huge dicks.

Right now, both the music and voice acting are pretty barebones. Most of the music consists of simple loops, which didn’t bother me at first but became more noticeable on repeat playthroughs. The voice acting is mostly a few voice lines scattered here and there. They sound nice and could help add to the atmosphere if there’s more voice acting produced as part of the game’s development.

First, I’d like to talk about one of the unique features this visual novel has. At the beginning of your playthrough, you’re given the option to have an “interactive” experience where one of two femdoms will prompt you to perform lewd actions during your playthrough based on what’s happening in the game. For example, during a blowjob scene it will tell you to perform said action on a dildo.

This feature is fairly customizable, as it has you mention what toys you have available (such as a vibrator or butt plug) and you get to choose which femdom you want to serve. As of right now, the integration isn’t quite there yet. I only noticed a few prompts here and there, but it seems like a promising avenue for further development. If you’re someone with strong submissive desires, this essentially offers a way to be virtually dominated.

Next, let’s talk about the sex scene design. As I mentioned, the overall art is pretty great, despite a few stylistic variations here and there. There’s a lot of dynamic poses and scenarios to enjoy even within the short experience provided here. There are a LOT of unique CGs so far, compared to some VNs which may only have a handful of lewd CGs here and there. Prose is fairly standard: while it’s not particularly detailed or impressive, it also isn’t cringy or puts you off like it has happened in other works. This game is focused on art first and foremost, while the writing is a nice garnish that makes for some very hot scenes.

Last, I’d like to talk about some of the kinks this game has to offer. Obviously, if you’re not into futanari femdom… this game is NOT for you. You play as a submissive male, so your character will be dominated and degraded in all sorts of ways by these imposing women. Feminization is also a big theme here.

Typically, feminization is often closely tied with humiliation, emphasizing the ways that appearing feminine is “embarrassing” or “shameful.” One thing I enjoyed about Shackles of Ellswyn is that feminization was portrayed in a more positive fashion. Your classmate, Evan, was also taken into Ellswyn and when you find him he’s already been transformed into a woman. However, this transformation is emphasized to have been done willingly in order to give Evan the chance to live her best life. I could see transfemme people really connecting with this aspect of the game, and I’m curious to see how this is explored in future updates.

Chastity is going to be one of the other major draws. In this game, chastity is a form of control, devotion, and transformation. It makes the males more subservient and helps them adjust to their transformation into “breeding stock.” There are scenes that show the character being caged, and your playthrough can even end with a “chastity roulette” that tells you how long you should remain in the cage yourself!

As of now, Shackles of Ellswyn shows good promise to be a fun and sexy femdom visual novel. I enjoyed learning about the world and characters, and the lewd parts of the game are quite fun and intriguing. However, the biggest drawback is the current playtime. The game only lasts for a 1-2 hour playthrough, although it does feature a good amount of unique CGs to view even within such a short playtime. The game can currently be purchased for $11 on Steam or Itch, or you can access the most current build via the Patreon for $5. The game updates about once a month.

If you’re a big fan of this flavor of kinky content, this is a worthwhile investment to support the team. However, if you’re unsure if you’ll enjoy the content or expecting a game that has many hours of content, you may be left disappointed in its current state. And if you’d like a chance to preview the game, along with other lewd titles I’ve played, you can find more details about my streams here!

As for me, I look forward to seeing how development progresses and I hope to return to Ellswyn for more sexy adventures soon.

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I'm LewdNekoNya, aka Neko-chan! I'm a lewdtuber who streams eroge and spends way too much time thinking about hentai.

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