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Stardander School for Witches by Fancy Fish Games Now in Early Access!

On the October 2nd 2023 the Connecticut-based indie development studio Fancy Fish Games has released its newest title Stardander School for Witches on Steam into Early Access, and it can be purchased now for $19.99!
The Early Access includes the first half of the game, a full release is planned for Spring 2024. So far English is the only supported language.

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The game development studio Fancy Fish Games was co-founded by David & Natalie Maletz in 2012. They released their first game I can’t escape on Newgrounds in January 2013 and created games of varying genres throughout the years, including visual novel projects.

Their first visual novel </reality> released in March 2017. Stardander School for Witches was planned to be their second VN release in 2022, but then underwent a major rework and now includes gameplay elements like turn-based battles, enemy recruitment, in-game encyclopedias and more – all neatly packed into a magical school setting featuring witches. For the Spooktober VN Jam 2021 they also released a Halloween-themed spinoff called Stardander Revenant.

Fancy Fish Games also won multiple video game awards before:

  • “INDIE MEGA BOOTH Showcase Selection” – PAX West, August, 2018
  • “Monthly Contest Winner” –, October, 2017
  • “In the Top Five Games of October” –, October, 2017

You may follow Fancy Fish Games on Social Media or join their Discord.

Stardander School for Witches - "World" header
Stardander School for Witches - monster encounter
Welcome to Stardander School for Witches! Embrace your magical side by learning spells, solving mysteries, making friends and battling (or befriending) Fae creatures in a turn-based battle system. Do you have what it takes to pass your classes in a world besieged by a malicious enemy?

Delve into the lives of four young witches as they learn magic, protect their families, try to stay on their brooms, and work hard to unravel the mysteries surrounding Stardander, the best school of magic in the world.

Your time at Stardander will be full of surprising discoveries, strategic battles against many fae creatures, late-night study sessions, and not a few delightful pranks at your least-favorite teacher’s expense. Breaking a few school rules is to be expected, but try not to get yourself into detention in the pitch-black (and probably haunted) dungeons!

Long ago, humans summoned Fae creatures to this world and bound them to their will. But when pacts were broken, the power of the Fae turned upon humanity and brought chaos.

Only the aid and protection of a group of sympathetic Fae kept humans from being annihilated. These Fae became known as the Protectors, and founded the human-Fae Alliance. But one notoriously powerful and malicious Fae - Apexsens - has a deep grudge against humans and has not given up his quest to exterminate them, using any means necessary.

The safety of the Protectors cannot last forever - only through mastering their own magic do humans stand a chance. For nearly 300 years it has been Professor Dare's task - and atonement - to teach humans the very magic that once dominated and enslaved her.

After mysteriously vanishing for seven years, Professor Dare is now back to re-open Stardander, the best school for witches and the hope of all humanity.

Steam + Public Presskit
Stardander School for Witches - "Protagonists" header

Callie is frilly, pampered, and thinks magic is for common folk. Why in the nine realms does she end up at Stardander?!

Freya is the deathly prankster who might see ghosts, but is the sweetest of cinnamon buns.

Rory is the overachiever who tries to do what is right but is overshadowed by a notorious family.

Mira is the feisty Fae-touched fighter who doesn’t quite understand how to be human (yet).

Stardander School for Witches - "Classes" header

Witches always have more to learn and players will be able to take part in a multitude of classes to help hone their magic. Learn projection, transmutation, channeling, telepathy and more. You never know what spell may come in handy at a desperate moment!

Stardander School for Witches - potions class
Stardander School for Witches - "Features" header
  • Play as four complex main characters, each with their own reasons for learning magic.
  • Make friends (or enemies) with your fellow witches-in-training.
  • Recruit your friends to help you battle dangerous Fae in a unique turn based battle system.
  • Talk to and form pacts with enemy Fae to gain familiars.
  • Take classes, learn spells, pass your exams, cultivate magical plants and brew potions.
  • Solve mysteries in a multi year story arc with a high-stakes conclusion.
  • Grow magical materials to brew potions and enchant items!

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You can get the game now for $19.99!

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