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Sunlight Scream: University Massacre now on Steam

Last October 2nd, indie developer Faithy released their latest game Sunlight Scream: University Massacre. This is Faithy’s second game, released only a few months after their debut game Eksperimentirovanie.

You can get it on Steam for mere $2.99!

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On its Steam page, Faithy mentions that Sunlight Scream: University Massacre takes inspiration from Everlasting Summer, R.L. Stine‘s Goosebump series, and the movie Scream. Even though development for the game started much earlier, different hiccups along the way led to the VN releasing later than expected.

Faithy also shares that the VN, while ultimately a product of their efforts and persistence, was priced low to go against the mainstream price range. They hope that with this decision, more fans will be able to enjoy the game and share their experiences.

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Max returns to Sunlight City, his childhood town to his own brother. A new university, new acquaintances, friends, love... And all the fun comes to end when students one by one begin to die at the hands of a masked killer. Try to survive if you can!



  • Friendship, romance, betrayal, secrets, intrigue – it’s all about Sunlight City! Moving from Los Angeles to a small town, Max immediately finds himself in a whirlwind of events that will not let you breathe easy.
  • The visual novel is presented with more than 80 colorful, hand-drawn backgrounds, characters and illustrations that will let you enjoy a picture that complements the main story.
  • A rich soundtrack of more than 50 atmospheric songs will leave no one indifferent. 
  • A huge variety of endings with indicators of significance will help to lead your own way and not get confused. It can lead you to completely different endings!
  • At any moment everything can change. Remember, you can’t save everyone! 
  •  And also the events are backed up by various in-game achievements, with the receipt of which you will be able to explore all the secrets of Sunlight City 100%.
  • And remember, every choice you make can become decisive. It depends only on you who will survive and who will die. Everything is in your hands!

Sunlight Scream: University Massacre is now available in English and Russian. You can buy it on Steam and VK Play. If you’re interested in Faithy’s other works, you can follow their official website or their Steam page for related content.

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