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VenusBlood HOLLOW’s Fandiscs will receive an English Localization

VenusBlood HOLLOW is a series known for it’s strategical gameplay, and its cast of interesting characters. Because of this, it could gain a cult following. In response to this, several fan discs were made over time, but they never saw localization in any language, so you could only read them in Japanese. That was the status quo until very recently, however.

After getting the funding they needed from their initial kickstarter goal, Ninetail has begun work on localizing three VenusBlood HOLLOW fandiscs. The work being localized includes: Bride of Karmic Flame, The Dragon Songstress, and The Fallen Dragon Sisters.

These stories take place after the base Venusblood HOLLOW‘s heroine’s personal endings. If you want to see more of the characters you enjoy, then consider backing the kickstarter. There’s a few stretch goals that they have in mind, most of which come with additional merchandise for backers.

In addition, director of Ninetail, Keimaru, has the following to say about it:

The estimated release date for all the VenusBlood HOLLOW Fandiscs is March of 2024. Depending on the number of backers and whether the stretch goal is achieved, the release may face delays.

While you’re waiting for the fandiscs, why don’t you check out the original game or the first localized VenusBlood title as well? You can buy them on Steam or the JAST store.

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