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Visual Novel Translation Status (15/10/23)

Welcome to the Fuwanovel VNTS, where we shamelessly copy the work of one illustrious 4chan /jp/ member in collating translation progress and add minor dabs of value through corrections and additions. Entries with updates this week in bold.

Good day, guys! Today we’re looking at another VNTS and possibly the last one on our old website. Everything that needs to happen now is for the stars to align and that the website doesn’t perform awfully. But this now requires us to actually make some important checks before we can roll out. This includes:

  • Style Guide
  • Tag List Re-Creation
  • Static Content being produced
  • Team Page
  • New rehauled Advertisement page
  • much more.

So as you will see, there will be a lot of developments across the new weeks, but given Fuwanovel’s track record since June, we will overcome any challenges thrown our way. Let’s get into the games for this week, friends.

Fan Translation

Aikano ~Yukizora no Triangle~ – Common Route translated
Aiyoku No Eustia – 100% Translated/edited/TLC
Akatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~ – 100% translated and edited, 57.47% through QA
Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~ – 32,530 lines translated (53.51%)
Amagami – 3rd public Beta patch released
Anata Gomennasai, Watashi Mou… – 20% translated
Baku Ane 2 – Prologue, Ritsuka Fully translated, Wakana 8/8 Lessons, 5% route, Mashiro 5/8 lessions, Miran 2/5 events and Sayaka 1/3 events translated, Ritsuka patch released
CHAOS;HEAD Love Chu Chu! – 65.04% translated, 6.17% edited
CHAOS;CHILD Love Chu Chu – Being translated
Chicchakunai Mon – 100% translated and 39.5% edited
Chusingura 46+1 – 26420/82770 (31.92%) lines translated, Kuranosuke route partial patch released
Dare mo ga Kanojo o Neratteru – Released
Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos – Common Route patch released
Dead of the Brain ~Shiryou no Sakebi~ – Aiming for October release
Dragon Knight 4 – 57% translated
Eiga Go-toubun no Hanayome ~Kimi to Sugoshita Itsutsu no Omoide~ – Common + Ichika + Nino + Yotsuba routes translated, Miku route day 1 of 5 translated
Enrenchuu no Toshishita Kanojo ga Onna ni Ueta Osuzaru-domo no Gakuen de Koubi Aite ni Sareteta. – 10% translated
Fate/Extra CCC – 100% translated and edited, in testing
GinIro Haruka – Mizuha route released, Mizuha edits finished, “Yuzuki: Translation finished. Second pass finished. Yuzuki under QA.”
Haruka na Sora – Sora and Yahiro routes translated, Kozue 50% translated, overall TL 70% TLC 70% ED 26%
Honoo no Haramase Oppai Nyuu Doukyuusei ~Oppai mo Haramase! New Class Zen’in Harama-sensation!~ – Picked up
If My Heart Had Wings: Snow Presents – 23% translated
Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou – 17% translated
Junketsu Megami-Sama – 2nd Alpha patch released, Astarotte route finishing up
Kaseki no Uta – Translation: 15389/15389 (100%)
Koukan no Toriko-Tachi – Prologue, common, and Cuckold Play route translated, Swinging Route 35%, Yukari POV 40%
Kud Wafter – AA Version 23,835/31,579 (75.5%) Lines translated, 18+ Version 19,240 / 33,113 (58.1) lines translated
Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~ – “Translation finished. Rest of the processes ongoing.”
Lover Able – 100% translated and edited, 16254/34467 lines approved (50.42%)
Lucky Star ~Ryouou Gakuen Outousai~ – episode 1 patch released
Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru – 66% translated
Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o – 1 of 4 routes translation finished for the restoration patch, Houkiboshi Hika 2 of 4 H-scenes translated
Nursery Rhyme – 100% translated and edited, text insertion 100% complete, testing ongoing
Ona Ken! – Re-translation released
Otogirisou – 100% translated
Pure Pure – 100% translated, needs proofreading, partial patch released, all routes have been inserted
Sakura Wars 2 – Being translated, demo patch released
Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki – Both original and fan disc 100% translated, in need of editing
Shangrlia 2 – Menu patch released, patch in development
Shin Hayarigami – 48% translated
Shirotsume Yubiwa – 100% translated, 50% beta patch released
Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu – 100% translated, TLC and Editing upcoming
Toaru Hahaoya no Ayamachi ~Yukari Hen~ – 50% translated
Tokimeki Memorial 2 – Being translated
Tsui no Sora Remake – 51% translated, 47% edited
Tsuma Netori – 70% translated, 70% edited, 50% proofread
Umi kara Kuru Mono – 91/138 scripts translated
Yokkyuu Fuman na Hatsujou Oba-san ni Yuuwaku Sareta Boku wa… – 100% translated/tested
Yosuga no Sora – Translation finished, editing and TLC ongoing, Total: TL 100% TLC 71% ED 55%, Common/Kazuha/Motoka routes fully edited


Nightmare x Vampire – Inferno of Retribution – October 19th release
Hana Awase New Moon – October 26th release
Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows -What Beautiful Memories- – Out of Beta
The Pillagers of Raillore – Out of Beta
Ciconia – Phase 1 Released
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc – Picked up
Rance 03 – 55% translated, 41% edited
Rance X – 70.5% translated, 5% edited
Luckydog1 – Translation nearly complete
Funbag Fantasy 4 – 66% translated, 63% edited
Eve of the 12th Month – 96% translated and 47.5% edited
DEAD DAYS – 100% translated and 88.5% edited
Beat Valkyrie Ixseal – 61% translated and 58% edited
Welcome to a Sexy, Open World – 56% translated and 51% edited


Gears of Dragoon: Fragments of a New Era – October 20th release
Sumaga- Slow progress ongoing
Katahane – Progress being made again
Django – Not actively making progress
Tokyo Hero Project – Translation finished
Machine Child – Still being developed
Goblins on the March: Breed All Humans! – About to enter QA
Yomegami: My Sweet Goddess – 100% translated
Yamizome Liberator – Picked up
Mojika: Truth Rears Its Ugly Head – Picked up
Djibril – Being translated
Sisters: Last Day of Summer – In QA
Masquerade: Hell Academy – In QA
Paradise – In QA
VenusBlood Hollow fandiscs – Kickstarter begins October 19th


UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~ – Demo released, 70% QA
Happy Saint Sheol – 25% edited, Demo in Q3, release in Q4
Harumade Kururu – Waiting on build
My Academy’s Special Place – 100% translated and edited, Waiting on build
Rewrite+ Harvest Festa – Finishing up translation, image editing ongoing
Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. – 50% translated
Sumire – Picked up
Sanarara R – 100% translated and edited, waiting on build
Glass – Picked up
New Glass – Picked up
Karakara 3 – 100% translated and edited, 70% engine work
Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru – 90% translated, 30% edited
Zutto Mae Kara Joshi Deshita – 100% translated, in editing
Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade – 60% translated, 30% edited
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi 10% translated
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi AA – Announced
Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka – 50% translated
Re;Lord 3 – In QA
Hamidashi Creative – Announced
Inupara – In Development
Nekopara After La Vraie Familie – In Development
Nie no Hakoniwa – 100% translated, 50% edited, 70% engine work
Parfait Remake – In translation
Raspberry Cube – Announced
Animal Trail Girlish Square 2 – 100% translated and edited, in QA
Animal Trail Girlish Square LOVE+PLUS – 100% translated and edited, 50% QA
NEKO-NIN exHeart SPIN – In Development


Dracu Riot – “Waiting on Warmsoft for a QA Build”
Melty Moment – 80% translated
Aoi Tori – “Porting work is still ongoing”
Fureraba Complete edition – Vita exclusive content to be added to Fureraba a couple months after the fandisc release
Floral Flowlove – 100% translated, 60% edited
Kakenuke Seishun Sparking – 15% translated, 5% edited
A Colorful World – 100% translated and edited “Image editing/integration of HD assets in progress”
Love, Elections, & Chocolate – 100% translated, 17% edited, “Unity port in-progress”
Love Love Love, Burning in my Heart! – 100% translated and 74% edited
Ready or Not: The Deadline is Coming! – 100% translated, 17% edited, “Image editing complete, Engine work in progress”
Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic Detective Case Files – 100% translated and edited, “Image editing in progress” working with developer on engine work
Tenshi Souzou “Angelic Chaos” RE-BOOT – 10% translated
Secret Project 2 – 100% translated and edited, queued for Unity port
Secret Project 3 – 100% translated and edited, image editing complete, waiting on QA build


LUNARiA -Virtualized Moonchild- – 2023 release
Summer Pockets Reflection Blue – 2024 release


Ginka – October 26th release
Sharin no Kuni – Hoping to resolve issues with the distribution platform by the end of September
Everlasting Flowers – English release planned


Virche Evermore: Error Salvation – November 9th release
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II – Fall 2023 release
Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- – 2024 release

Age titles

Kiminozo – Kickstarter for English release planned pending success of JP Crowdfunding that starts on October 21st


Two Beasts Or Not To Beast!! – Upcoming release
Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses – Released
Destiny Star Girlfriend – October 19th release
Taimanin Asagi – October 27th release
Tenioha! Mami’s Little Sub – October 30th release
Kuroinu 2 Redux- November 7th release
Criminal Border 1st Offence – November 14th release
ONE. – December 22nd release
Amazing Grace -What color is your attribute?- Q4 2023 release
My Slow Life with the Princess Knight and Her Devoted Handmaiden – 2023 release
Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell – Upcoming release
Kara no Shoujo II – Announced
Kara no Shoujo III – Announced
Sacrifice Villains – Announced
Nukitashi 2 – Announced

Kagura Games

Dungeon’s Legion – Released
Forsaken Quartet – Upcoming release


Archetype Arcadia – October 24th release
KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! – Picked up


Hira Hira Hihiru – Demo released, 2023 release
Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- – 2024 release


Friendly lab – unlock(); – Upcoming release
Club Suicide – Picked up

Idea Factory

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Pirates of the Disturbance – November 28th release
Sympathy Kiss – Early 2024 release

Fruitbat Factory

MAMIYA -DoomsDay Dreams – November 21st release


Geminism – November 24th release


Monkeys! – English release planned


Haunted Obachestra Vol.1 Awaking – Upcoming release

Alice In Dissonance

Fault Milestone 2 – Side Below – Upcoming release


even if TEMPEST Dawning Connections – October 26th release


Aquarium. – October 26th release

WSS Playground

Tenshi no Takarabako – December release

Tensei Games

Our Little Secret! Heart-Pounding Idol Sex! Forbidden Lessons with the Manager – Released

MiKandi Japan

Libra of the Vampire Princess – New translation in testing, Halloween release planned

Cherry Kiss

Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition – October 20th release


Hentai HOTLADY – Q4 2023 release

Tamaoka Soft

SEKAI/SUBETE – October 27th release


「Hey boys and other toys, I have an unholy vaguely thai red curry/stew combo on the stove and I’d like to get as much as this done before I need to tend to it again. No it’s not chicken it’s pork so it can take the extra time. Yes I will violate your culinary tradition for fun and profit, what did you think I was? Not white?

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Anata Gomennasai, Watashi Mou… fascinates me. How is this shota (he’s literally named Shouta too) NTRing anything? I mean it’s just NTR nukige but I am still fascinated. Probably it’s worse than anything I could dream up myself though.

Dare mo ga Kanojo o Neratteru is released. I think someone said this was one of the good orcsoft titles but they still haven’t fixed their fundamental problem of only catering to zoomer eyes with their miniscule font size.


There’s some other NTR-ge too, and a retranslation of I think jp-inhouse “Ona-Ken” which is also nukige, man why does VNTS even list all these Saikey titles under fan tl when he’s gotten legal permission and is running a business translating them, if a weird one? Oh yeah Kud Wafter got an update I guess. I must say, I have heard concerning things about the Japanese skills of the whoever is on it. I hope they’re wrong but suspect they’re right. Betting on bad tl is always a good bet. Yes, all my translation pills are black, how could you tell?

The stewtrocity is tasting quite nice so far, though it’s missing a bit of complexity just tasting the broth. Maybe if I reduce it down it’ll be better. I’ll enjoy it even if it isn’t very complex though, so it’s whatever I guess.

The Venus Blood Hollow (Hypno in Japan, but can’t have that in your name with Christian payment processors!) fandiscs, eh. It looks like there are quite a few. Reminds me of Majikoi. Well, anyone milking a franchise reminds me of Majikoi. Maybe I should get other examples, but I think Hata likes Majikoi and anything that bullies Hata is automatically good. Wonder if the Kickstarter on the 19th will be affected by Chinese fans’ negative response to a recent JAST loc. Though I see Kagura listed as a publisher too, so who knows.

Click here to display content from

The Kiminozo kickstarter is for an all-ages version of the game, though people tell me there are whispers of there being a totally not official patch for that planned. Who knows, maybe they’ll even do it. Some rather caustic âge work fans consider the company essentially dead and unable to do anything but milk their past glories, and them actually Kickstarting this one as yet another example of their failure. I have no opinion other than enjoying the Kiminozo anime back in the day. But it was the first anime I ever deliberately watched all of, so that’s something. My view of how they have treated localization workers, or at least how the people they have hired have treated them, is rather dim, so I can’t say I have a positive view in that area. Ah well.

Fakku has the nopiest nurses yet out. Kuroinu 2 redux, whatever that redux means, on nov 7th. Some “slow life” title that sounds like moenukige. Maybe it’s moege more than nukige. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised literally Fakku is doing a lot of porn.

Click here to display content from

Dungeon’s Legion is another Kagura gameplay title that may or may not actually belong on vndb but nobody’s checked it so it stays on. Who knows?

Okay I gotta check on my rice, be a bit… Wow, it’s actually not done yet. Guess I’ll boost the heat. The curry meme is doing a bit better, the taste is developing nicely. It does look kind of watery, but hey that’s why we do reductions. Actually, fuck you, have a picture:

On the bright side, I have actual thai basil

Alright, what else have we got? Right, Tensei Games has another nukige title. And… wait, the last title isn’t a nukige? Am I finally free from coomer hell? Will we at last have reasonable H-scene density?

Sekai no Subete is a remake of an old eroge about… uhh it looks a lot like any light1 music club. The remake’s title styling SEKAI/SUBETE uses the haha funni thing where ノ (katakana no) looks a lot like a forward slash when written sloppily. Honestly the old cover has a sick ass aesthetic and my diseased doujin seeker brain is immediately salivating (wait, would that be crying since the eyeballs are closer to the brain? fuck). Unfortunately, they’ve been rejected by steam. Though I gotta be honest this one is very much a school setting, so it’s not unexpected. Ah well.

Anyway, I gotta look at the rice again. See you all. Also Hata, I’m sorry but please do add the links I failed to add. It’s not my fault I have to make dinner okay. 」

1. As far as I can tell, being too lazy to research it, this is more related to it using newfangled Youthful instruments and styles like pop and rock than it being “light” in some Fluff To Metal Heaviness Scale. Rock would probably fit. I would actually look it up, but then I’d actually learn something about Kei-on, and we can’t have that happen to us.

Thえ Hあtあbおx

「Goodest of evenings, friends of VNTS goodness. Time for another weekly recurring performance by yours truly and zaka’s truly. Let’s see what’s here this week!

Alright, first I might need to disclose that the reason why SaikeyStudios seems to be so prominently featured these days is that he turned up the gears on his production process and started dishing out games all the time. Barely able to keep up with the weekly releases of this site.

Let’s continue with Kud Wafter. Another interesting case, because I did reach out to the supposedly Japanese-incapable translator “Kitaro”. Kitaro told me that the project wasn’t dead and it’s just being worked on quite slowly. The translator of the game is another person, they’re called Saito. Kitaro/Uttori’s just doing the editing. Given that someone had said that Kitaro wasn’t capable enough at Japanese – should this truly be the case – Kud Wafter‘s in good hands. Other than that, the Alka members are pretty much tied up in industry projects. You can maybe check out Gears of Dragoon 2 soon, which was translated by Ojive from Alka fame.

Ona Ken’s getting a retranslation. This now adds to the pool of ongoing re-translations I learned about this year: Libra of the Vampire Princess, Chusin-Gura 46+1 and now this. Now when’s Cross+Channel???

Venus Blood Gaia will get some fandiscs. The whole Kagura/JAST/China review bombing situation is very opaque, but it got me some valuable information about the current state of KaguraGames as a company. Did you notice that there are no KaguraGames in the JAST store anymore? At all? This is a major annoyance imo, I liked having them in my library.

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Sekai Project will release UsoNatsu on the 24th of October. Our reviewer Yuzurity who covered the demo already can’t wait for it to release. Given my personal transgressions with Sekai Project we won’t be getting a review code for it so even those who think that RC’s are making a review biased can be relieved. This game’s gonna get a fair assessment and the way it looks, it shapes up to be one of the most amazing yuri game experiences since Curse of Kudan or Flowers. Speaking of Kubel, SukeraSparo also announced a new yurige – pretty cool!

Click here to display content from

Well, other than that there’s the whole KimiBOZO situation which our reviewer Bassman had eloquently summarized in our article for it (linked above). I personally dislike they moved to Campfire since this means international fans cannot support it except through PayPal (which is good) or having Japanese credit cards. It’ll get funded nonetheless, I’m quite sure of it. The whole debacle with Anchor and ACID about the 18+ patch is another annoyance about the way these licenses are handled though. Shame, because the Muvluv official localization is pretty much a legendary piece of peak fiction translated as if it was peak fiction. Will I play it? Eventually. Maybe I might play KimiNozo first since the Latest Edition is actually a playable one unlike the Ages MK II Engine version from back in the day. I will also watch the anime since Zaka said it was good-ish. I still hate the English name “Rumbling Hearts” though.

Shiravune is preparing their storm of releases now. I will probably use one of my absolute days where I feel like gooning the fuck out of myself and play all the three Nope Nope Nurses games from start to finish in one weekend. Yes, I will do this and it will be great!

SEKAI/SUBETE I know literally nothing about, so I won’t talk much about it. Looks cool though.

That’s it for this week. Excuse me now while I will indulge in another Döner Kebap. This has been become my favourite food since I literally live in earshot of a Döner store and the more often I go, the bigger the fucking bread gets. This must be some kind of Ponzi Scheme I’m dragged into, but I won’t complain. They must love me keeping their store afloat and the Döner economy with it.

However, they cost like 9 bucks now. Dönerpreisbremse when????」


Writer of irreverent VNTS commentaries, shadowy Fuwanovel string puller, Swedish, ambivalent toward meatballs. Brave Fuwanovel Skype Group memeber (rip), technically a reviewer, chronic everything staller. I am all these things and more, but mostly I'm really lazy. Loves yuri, reading, chocolate, and quality sugar-free colas. Hates VNs with too many choices and long walks on the beach.

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9 months ago

Honestly this week is another plain one, but at least we have femdom nurse trilogy finally available in English. I also know Saikey Translation, although I prefer to just ignore it altogether.

Anyway here’s my VNTS Review for this week and I hope you’ll enjoy it.