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MAMIYA -DoomsDay Dreams- out NOW!

“MAMIYA is a captivating, dark mystery visual novel in which a group of young men struggle against existential dread before the end of the world.”


If that description sounds right up your alley, MAMIYA (Kenkou Land; Fruitbat Factory) might just be the game for you.

The first two parts of the story –”FallDown” and “DownFall”— initially released seperately at Comiket C91 and C93 in April 2021. A global release of both parts called MAMIYA – A Shared Illusion of the World’s End later hit Steam,, JAST USA and fruitbat factory’s store page.

Now, two years later, the story is set to conclude with the third part called DoomsDay Dreams, a simultaneous global release in Japanese and English. The English translation is headed by Andrew “Steiner” Hodgson, whose previous translation works most famously include the Science Adventure titles Steins;Gate and Anonymous;Code.

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DoomsDay Dreams released on Steam as a DLC for MAMIYA and as part of a MAMIYA Complete Collection this past November 21st. The DLC is priced at $19.99 and the collection at $34.79. A special demo is now available on Steam and


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Tokyo, during the year in which the world was prophesied to end.

As we clung to reality, too spineless to throw our lives away together, we met Mamiya.

At a friend’s funeral, the entire crowd was weeping and mourning, while we thought to ourselves that the death of a single person had no meaningful impact on the world at large.

We slept, woke up, and went through the same daily grind as ever. At least, that’s how it was supposed to be.

Then Mamiya appeared…

Before we even knew it, the mysterious child named Mamiya had wormed their way into our daily lives. They slowly, but surely, became something of an emotional support. They’d brought us down a new path.

A path that would surely lead us to our deaths…


“The Protagonist”

The narrator of this story, in pursuit of the mystery surrounding Mamiya. His thoughts are full of his four dear friends: Kikuchi, Toujou, Morichika and Suou.

“This is my unbridled love.”

MAMIYA - Mamiya Yumehisa

Mamiya Yumehisa

With an appearance that changes according to how people desire to perceive his age and gender, he exists at the deepest core of the mystery surrounding Mamiya. Harbors a strong obsession toward the protagonist.

“I told you. I exist in any world.”

Kikuchi Ryou

While juggling a number of part-time jobs, he takes care of his younger sister, Midori. He commonly finds himself caught up in brawls. A childhood friend of Toujou Minato, Ryou is envious of the kind-hearted and sensible Suou Keito.

MAMIYA - Suou Keito

Suou Keito

Loves his family and fantasy. He is a kind-hearted young boy, but admires the extraordinary, and sometimes feels bored with his life. One day, he befriends a young boy with amnesia named Ryou. While his parents are away, he goes on to live with him.

Morichika Haruki

Financially dependent on others. Every penny he gets is wasted on gambling. Lives hand to mouth. He’s always hanging out with the mysterious and popular maid Mina, someone who’s connected with the deceased Natsume’s phone.

MAMIYA - Morichika Haruki
MAMIYA - Toujou Minato

Toujou Minato

The center of attention in his class, well liked by everyone. Minato’s doing a part-time job that he keeps a secret from everybody. He is also one-sidedly admired by Morichika Haruki. Minato became friendly with his now deceased classmate Natsume at his part-time job.



  • An apocalyptic fantasy visual novel
  • 6 different endings
  • 83 gorgeous full-screen illustrations

MAMIYA Complete Collection

  • An apocalyptic adventure intertwined with themes of trauma
  • A meticulously crafted mystery scenario that rewards the observant
  • Over 20 distinct endings of destruction and growth
  • 180 stunning illustrations
  • An immersive experience created through a fusion of music and storytelling

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