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Conquering the Final Boss—My Intimate Love With The Devil King Arrives Overseas!

My Intimate Love With The Devil King has seen an international release on Steam!

The game was released in over 10 different languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, and Spanish on November 14th of this year. It is an 18+ title created by a Taiwanese developer with decent production values including voice acting and an art style that’s very easy on the eyes. The basic premise is a reverse Isekai involving a busty Demon King and her relationship with the main character who has recently lost his family. The gameplay is composed of resource management with dating sim elements being sprinkled in.

My Intimate Love With The Devil King was developed by BaiLeshi & Banana King and is published by PlayMeow Games. If you would like to follow updates on this game from the publisher, they are very active on Twitter. The developers don’t post as frequently, but can be found on both Facebook and Twitter as well! The game is available on the store of the publisher or for $9.99 on Steam.


Growing up in quite a wealthy, lovely family, I thought that everything would be alright, as it is now. But then the accident happened…


“It was so painful, so hopeless. I couldn’t breathe; my heart felt like it was going to explode. I didn’t want to hear anything…”


“Nothing matters anymore.”


An accident took away my family, my life, my everything. All that remained were the eyes that could no longer see a clear view of the world. I was abandoned by the world; I have no value of existence.


But I met you, the one who saved me. You are my only light, pulling my hand to go forward.

Thus, I live together with the devil King of the other world, getting to know each other in life and having an adventure together that I’d never thought of in my life.


But the more I try to understand you, the more I feel that you are suffering more than I thought.
You are also an abandoned person.
The burden of the country, the distrust of the people, and the hunting of the heroes… All that you have endured is not for one person to bear.


Flan, This time, it’s my turn to save you.

store description


  • 23 basic CGs, including more than 200 variations
  • 120,000 words of game text
  • One main female character and two secondary female characters
  • Pure love plot, experiencing two different worlds
  • Game ending: 6 ends


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I like writing about the visual novel medium when I'm not busy with graduate school. I also like making bad memes on my creatively bankrupt Twitter account as well.

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