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Some Furry Action!—Pretty Overseer hits Steam!

After a successful Kickstarter that saw Russian Indie group Flaming Firefly raise over €7,000, Pretty Overseer has finally been released on Steam. The game released on November 8th and is the spiritual successor to Lovely Overseer, a game made by Furry Tale in 2021, which share a similar premise but sports a completely different approach to its character designs. Instead of the completely anthropomorphic approach of its predecessor, Pretty Overseer has kemonomimi heroines. The game is a mixture of a visual novel with a simulation game as you raise the character’s stats and manage your life as well as romantic advances toward one of the 4 heroines of your choice. Alongside the normal game, there is also a patch available on the Steam page that provides 18+ content. In addition, the h-scenes are fully animated alongside certain CGs.

If you’re interested, it is available on Steam for $14.99 (you can also play the demo as well on the Steam page for Free). For updates or if you are interested in supporting the developer, they also have a Patreon where they post frequent updates on their releases.


You are a young lieutenant overseeing the correction of magically talented individuals in the closed and isolated complex of the military Academy.
Your main task is to maintain order and train recruits under the supervision of your mistress, Neoma. Will you have time for privacy and romance, or will you blindly obey the witch?

Subordinate recruits to you have outstanding magical abilities that exceed your own potential, so you must be extremely careful with them – in moments of stress, they completely lose control of their magic.





  • Four Unique Romance Options: Form deep connections with four distinct girls, each with their own personalities, backgrounds, and enthralling storylines.
  • Full HD Animated Characters and Cutscenes: Experience the game’s narrative with stunning visuals and fully animated sequences.
  • Life Management: Balance your duties and personal life as you make crucial decisions that impact the story’s outcome.
  • Immersive Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the game, complemented by a superb soundtrack and beautiful backgrounds.


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I like writing about the visual novel medium when I'm not busy with graduate school. I also like making bad memes on my creatively bankrupt Twitter account as well.

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