Some Furry Action!—Pretty Overseer hits Steam!

After a successful Kickstarter that saw Flaming Firefly raise over €7,000 for Pretty Overseer, the game has finally seen a release on Steam. Alongside the normal game, there is also…

Catch me if you can!—Kittengumi: The Sakabato’s Thief Sneaks Onto Steam!

The game will also appear on console – whereas the Switch version had already released a day later on the 13th October.

In Need of Fluffy Yuri? We got you Covered with Magic Exposure!

Today, Eastasiasoft announced the release of the console port for the furry yuri title Magic Exposure.

Run, Kitty! – Review

Name: Run, Kitty! Studio: Strong & Furry English Publisher: Strong & Furry Release Date: January 12, 2022 Plotline: When a cat named Simon decides to skip class, he has an…