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New Witch on the Holy Night Movie Trailer Released

Just two weeks after the game’s Steam launch, Aniplex has unveiled a new trailer for Ufotable’s anime movie adaptation of Witch on the Holy Night (also known as Mahoutsukai no Yoru or Mahoyo). It was first showcased as part of the Fate Project‘s New Year’s TV special. The new trailer shows footage corresponding to the early parts of the visual novel — in particular, up to chapter 5-II.

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The movie was first announced two years ago. Since its original announcement, TYPE-MOON and Ufotable have provided little to no information surrounding the project. Even as of this trailer’s release, they have yet to reveal any information surrounding the film’s staff or release date. At the very least, however, fans have confirmation now that the film is still in production.

Whether or not the film will adapt the entirety of the visual novel is unclear. Nevertheless, fans are certainly hoping for multiple films in order to have a well-paced, faithful adaptation. Adapting a 20-30 hour visual novel into a single film would prove to be extremely challenging.

Witch on the Holy Night is a highly acclaimed fantasy visual novel written by Nasu Kinoko and developed by TYPE-MOON. The story follows a trio of characters in Misaki Town of the 1980s: a pair of young witches named Aoko and Alice as well as an innocent young man named Soujuurou. When Soujuurou moves from the mountains to Misaki Town and the witches encounter mysterious assailants, the trio’s paths intertwine. The game shares concepts and settings present in Nasu’s other works, such as Fate/stay night, The Garden of Sinners, and Tsukihime.

TYPE-MOON recently released fully voiced 1080p remasters of the original Witch on the Holy Night on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and most recently, Steam. On all three platforms, It is available in English, Chinese, and Japanese for $39.99. We reported about it here.

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