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A Blue Bird of Mystery — Aoi Tori released

This isn’t a new announcement, but it’s one many are awaiting!
At the time of this article, there was yet to be a final release date, but we’re editing it now to announce that it has finally been confirmed: the game is releasing on April 30th.

NekoNyan is working on bringing Purple Software’s Aoi Tori to English, and it’s releasing on Steam, MangaGamer, JAST USA, and Kagura Games.

Aoi Tori is a mystery nakige, within the same setting as Amatsutsumi, which got translated by Denpasoft & Sekai Project.

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On April 11th (2023), a fan patch was released by Feng Xin zhi Xi, which completely uncensors all H-scenes. This patch is based on the 1.03 version of the game, which also works for the Chinese fan translation. You can download it on KFPRomax, Tieba, or Southplus.
However, it should be noted that this is done through AI.

The Story

In Porting Hell

The game was initially announced on March 30th (2021), which shocked the entire VN community. The progress was at 30% translated and TLC-ed, while porting was still in progress.

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One year later, on January 17th (2022), there’s the update that the porting to Unity is still ongoing, while everything else (translation, TLC, and editing) is completed. There’s even a meme that Vic (the programmer) is still alive.

During later industry panels on anime cons (May 21st 2022 at Anime Central; October 29th 2022 at Otakon), we are kept in the same place: Unity port still in progress.

Last year on the official Purple Software Discord server, an user asked Ishikawa (the producer) about the game’s Steam release. Ishilawa stated that NekoNyan would complete it soon, but that it had been delayed for a while and there couldn’t be more waiting. The deadline for this release is now April 2024; otherwise, they’ll be forced to cut relations with NekoNyan. In other words, they’ll take the license away.

The day after, NekoNyan staff Kiriya stated that the process of porting to Unity itself was a mess that they had to abandon. Now with a close deadline, they are forced to release the game with the original engine.

That brings us to the present, where we are finally closing in! It’s finally April, where the results will speak for themselves.

Meet the Cast

Shiratori Ritsu

“No, it’s my confession that is pathetic. Amen.”

The protagonist of this story. He attends an all-girls school where he also serves as the resident priest, even though he’s a boy.

Despite his miraculous powers, he’s not a true believer in God. Secretly, he worries that no one visits the chapel because of him. He’s calm on the surface, and appears sensible, though his upbringing has left him with many odd values.

Mary Harker
VA: Kusuhara Yui

Height: 147cm
Weight: 38kg

“They’re so teensy and cute that I just wanna take a big bite outta them!”

  • Skills: Making funny faces, the violin, feline affinity
  • Hobbies: Gardening, reading, fashion
  • Likes: Cats, baths, gardening, online shopping
  • Dislikes: Ghosts, the cold, teasing

An extremely optimistic, extremely pure, and extremely clumsy vampire. The Red Bird.

Still a novice for a vampire, she possesses little in the way of powers other than mesmerization. She’s enrolled in the academy and is now the protagonist’s classmate.

Despite her tragic past, she remains a loveable airhead.

Kurosaki Sayo
VA: Suzuya Maya

Height: 156cm
Weight: 48kg

“This talk of ‘devoted nursing’ is simply obsense.”

  • Skills: Getting under people’s skin
  • Hobbies: Napping, teasing her “brother”
  • Likes: Box cutters, walks, peace and quiet
  • Dislikes: Men, any and all bugs, Christmas

The protagonist’s “twin sister.”

Seems cool and aloof, but actually just can’t be bothered most of the time. Has mysterious powers like the protagonist. She shows up at the academy one day and becomes his classmate.

She’ll say whatever comes to mind, often revealing her surprisingly lecherous side.

Umino Akari
VA: Akino Hana

Height: 151cm
Weight: 47kg

“I’m the one who detests the ‘Blue Bird.'”

  • Skills: Able to get along with anyone, diving
  • Hobbies: Swimming, collecting ribbons, masturbating
  • Likes: Cute girls, cities, oceans and rain
  • Dislikes: Foul-mouthed people, dirty things, long phone calls

A completely ordinary first-year student who’s younger than the protagonist. The Black Bird.

She’s a masochist who truly comes alive when teased. Welcome home, Master >.<

Is a member of the swimming club, where she practices the high dive. Though she’s sensitive to danger, she doesn’t let fear stop her in her tracks.

Akasabi Risa
VA: Nonomura Saya

Height: 163cm
Weight: 53kg

“Do you… remember me, young priest?”

  • Skills: String figures
  • Hobbies: Watching foreign dramas, nature photography
  • Likes: Cute things, fortune-telling, gossip, the protagonist
  • Dislikes: Blood (gets dizzy just seeing it), the male gaze, her father

A newly appointed teacher who previously studied at the academy.

She tries to act as mature as possible in class, but has a habit of slipping up. Has known the protagonist from her days of skipping class, so she reveals her true self around him.

Oh, and she took his virginity.

Akasabi Mikako
VA: Tachibana Mao

Height: 167cm
Weight: 51kg

“You get my point, but you won’t do it? Weirdo.”

  • Skills: Impressions, perfect memory
  • Hobbies: Magic tricks
  • Likes: Her sister, starry night skies, aliens and people from Atlantis
  • Dislikes: Flowers, poetry, gossip

The protagonist’s classmate, as well as the smartest person at the academy. Has a perfect memory. Indifferent to how other people feel, her incredible genius often leads her to act in ways considered off-putting or unacceptable to many.

She’s taken a particular interest in the only man around, the protagonist. She’s Risa’s younger sister, and the two get along well.

The Staff

Planning and original conceptMikage
Artist/Character DesignAkio Risa and Mikako
Annou Eight SD
COQ Ritsu, Mary, Sayo and Akari
Waisshu BG
ScenarioMikage Common route, Sayo route, Akari route
Ono Wasabi Risa route
ProducerIshikawa Yasushi
English TranslatorTBAC
English EditorDxS
English ProgrammerVic

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