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Tied by Fate—Destiny Star Girlfriend 2 soon in English!

Publisher Shiravune is at it again, this time making a sudden announcement for the translation project of mirai‘s Destiny Star Girlfriend 2, with an approximate release date for the second quarter of this year!

The game will be available on Steam as a partial release. You’ll only be able to play the full game using the +18 patch on Johren or from, available on Shiravune’s product page.

As is common with Shiravune releases, this game will feature English, and Traditional/Simplified Chinese language support. According toand will be available on Q2 2024.

Interested in the series? Check out our coverage of the first entry and our review.

The Story

Meet the Girls

Maja Krienke

VA: Ion Momoyama

HeightThree SizesBirthdayFavorite Food
165 cm
5′ 5″
B89/W58/H88 cmOctober 2ndYakisoba

The main heroine for this title.

A young woman scouted and contracted by a Majin under mysterious circumstances. Though only a year older than Seiji, she has dedicated herself to the dark arts—and wields a mean sword to boot. Seriously single-minded, her reliability in a pinch has earned her the respect of allies in her hometown, too, although she can still be absent-minded at times.

After crossing paths with Seiji by pure chance, their fateful encounter leads them to share a roof for the summer, or for as long as it takes…

Yuuri Kamiizumi

VA: Ichigo Momoi

HeightThree SizesBirthdayFavorite Food
157 cm
5′ 2″
B85/W54/H85 cmFebruary 28thBento made by Kanoko

A First-Class Stars bearing the name “Rigel.” As an expert manipulator of all things light magic, she pulverizes demons to dust with overwhelming baseball-themed finesse.

Popular on campus for her cute looks and nice-girl undercover persona. Beneath the mask, while still upbeat and generous, she can be conceited and a sore loser who often gets stuck on one-upping others. For all her bluster, it doesn’t take much to crack her defenses.

Kanoko Satake

VA: Yuki Nekomura

HeightThree SizesBirthdayFavorite Food
154 cm
5′ 2″
B81/W52/H83 cmJuly 27thHomegrown vegetables

A Stars bearing the name “Sadalmelik.” Though still a freshman, her Stars skills already surpass some of the organization’s best.

Chill and seemingly unfazed even in a pinch, she prefers to avoid social small talk, with few exceptions. Obsessed with her campus senior Yuuri as her magical-girl master and mentor, she devotes her time off to serving her every whim. Amazing in the kitchen and a wizard at domestic chores.

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